Questions To Understand Your Partner

Someone has said it correctly

“Opposite attract each other, but they don’t last”

These are not questions like “what’s her favourite colour or who is her favourite actor”, but questions that actually matter.

These questions will actually let you know how compatible you will be with your partner. 

So, we have listed down 13 questions for you to ask your wife/partner, how smooth your married life is going to be. 

  1. What are her secretive/wildest sex fantasies, ask her to share without the fear of judgement?

Most of the fights in marriage happen because of sex. As different people have different libido and fantasies, it can become frustrating if your partner doesn’t share your fantasies.

It doesn’t have to match, but it’s about how open you are towards your partner’s fantasies. 

You can list down your’s, and ask her to answer it as “Yes”, “No” or “May Be”.

  1. What are her top 5 favourite series?

This might seem like an irrelevant question, but a taste in series is way too important than you think. 

A person who laughs at “Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma” will not laugh at “FRIENDS or The OFFICE”.

A common sense of humour is way too important. 

Once you are back home, you will want to spend that little time together, not on different screens. 

  1. What are her top 5 favourite movies?

The same goes with Movies, a person who likes “Gangs Of Wasseypur” cannot live with a person who laughs at “Housefull”.

  1. Which political party does she support, even if not religiously?

This one is too important, as this not only tells your political inclination but the kind of thought process you have. A person who likes Narendra Modi, will not want to share a room with a Rahul Gandhi fan.

As it is too difficult to not let this come in between. 

These choices also speak a lot about your mindset, whether you are a liberal, secular or a communal person. 

  1. Does she like travelling or sitting on the couch on the weekend?

This again will decide whether you will be spending time together on weekends or alone. 

There are two kinds of people, one who writes quotes like “if travelling would be free, I will never be home” or “ the one who sits on the couch in pyjamas”.

If you are in between, ask her to be descriptive.

  1. Shopping or Saving?

It can be painful for people who are thrifty to spend a lot on Shopping and vice versa. 

  1. Is she messy or loves cleaning?

Remember, these questions are not for people in a relationship, it’s for people who are planning to share their life together. 

And if she is Monica, you don’t wanna be messy with her.

  1. What are her thoughts on drinking and smoking?

Usually, men who smoke or drink get into big fights if the wife is not okay with this habit. 

Be transparent and clear about your thoughts. 

  1. Bikini or Kurta, or both?

If she is the one who likes to wear a bikini on the beach, and you won’t like that, clear it out beforehand. 

  1. Does she like cooking? And what is she expecting from you in the kitchen?

Unfortunately, men are raised to believe that it’s their wife’s job to cook for them, feed them while they sit on the couch. 

If you are this guy, let her know. 

  1. What are her thoughts on feminism?

There are some people, still, who don’t understand the meaning or importance of Feminism, why it exists and why we should talk about it.

These are not just questions, these answers will tell what kind of person you are, your background and your education.

  1. What are her career plans?

There are people who are too driven towards their work, giving it all in. And then there are people who believe in work-life balance.

  1. What is happiness for her?

This is a subjective question, but as it is going to be your job to keep her happy and vice versa, first understand what are the things that make her happy. 

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