New MI Band 4 Review – Things You Should Know Before Buying MI Band

Hey, the year has just started, and if your resolution is to live a fit and healthy life, there is no better product than a fitness band to keep your plan intact.

If you are planning to buy a fitness band to track your daily activities and calorie burns, here is the review of MI band 4.

I bought this band one month ago, and after using the MI Fitness band for a month, I can definitely vouch for it.

Explore all the features of MI Fitness band here.

  1. This Mi fitness band 4 not only tracks your calories burned but also keeps an eye on your heart rate, the best part of it is, it alerts you when your heart rate is high than usual, great right.
  2. Full control of your music, you don’t have to unlock your phone again and again to change your tracks. From changing the songs to adjusting the volume, everything can be done by a touch on your band.
  3. This band is also waterproof, so you can take it with you into the pool for a swim and track your strokes.  And it will also track your swim style.
  4. This band won’t let you become a couch potato, if you are sitting ideally for a long time, it will notify you through a buzzer, isn’t that annoyingly great.
  5. You can also customize your display, you can even choose a photo from your gallery to keep it as a background face.
  6. People often ask this question whether it works well with iPhone or not. Yes the MI band 4 can be synced with your iPhone, you just need to install the MI Fit App on your phone and connect the band.
  7. This fitness band will also help you to manage the basic functionality of your cell phone, such as you can receive and reject phone calls and text messages.
  8. It tracks your sleep very accurately, you can monitor your sleeping pattern, it will give you accurate data of light and deep sleep.
  9. The battery backup of MI band is really great, at least so far, it will easily run for 18-20 hours once charged fully.


  1. Visibility outside could be improved, the one thing I have realized and I have seen in many other reviews as well.
  2. UI of the band can also be improved a tad more, weather reports could be added, but anyhow the current UI is not bad. It’s good to go.

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