30 Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Looking for romantic birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend? You have come to the right place.

The pressure of finding the perfect birthday gift can be exhausting, but we are pretty sure you will find something apt for your boyfriend from our list of gift ideas.

When you search for birthday gift ideas online, you will be suggested with hundreds of age-old suggestions, like teddy bears and coffee mugs. The sole purpose to start this blog is to help you find better gifts from all over the internet, with reviews you can trust. 

We have given hours of research to find the right products so that you don’t stress yourself out over finding the perfect gift.

After going through hundreds of products, and scanning through reviews, to make sure they fit the requirement of a romantic gift for your boyfriend.

While preparing our list of birthday gifts, we keep a variety of interests and likes in mind. We will also suggest picking a gift that is of interest or fall under his hobbies. Because a gift of his interest will look a lot more thoughtful than a generic birthday gift.

So before we jump to the list of gift ideas, we want you to think about what your boyfriend is really into.

Is he a marvel fan, or Harry Potter fan, whether he likes travelling or he likes reading. We have a separate section, where you pick gifts based on interest, check it out here.

And if he is into gadgets, we have prepared a list of 20 gadgets that you can buy for him as a birthday gift. Some of them are included here as well.

Okay, it’s time to step up your gifting game, let’s go. 

Check out this list of romantic birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend in India.

  1. Headphone For Birthday Gift

You already know that bluetooth headphones are in fashion, and for a good reason. It makes our life much easier, as we don’t have to untangle the wires every time we take them out of our pockets. This headphone can be used while working out or while driving to your office. This amazing looking JBL headphone is designed to make music sound amazing. 

A romantic gift for your boyfriend, as now you can talk for hours without hurting your ear, thanks to comfortable cushion pads.

Talking about its features, bluetooth connectivity is amazing, and the battery runs for 11 hours. What are you waiting for?

  1. Barbeque 

If you guys like planning cookouts once in a while, this barbeque will fit right into it. This is a perfect romantic gift, as while you are outside enjoying nature, you can compliment it with delicious meat.

Gift this barbeque to your boyfriend as a birthday gift, and he will make your outing extra delicious..

  1. Chromecast 

This is again something to be enjoyed by both of you. If you guys like to binge watch movies and series together on a laptop, you can use this firestick to turn your TV into smart TV, if it isn’t already.

It’s very easy to use and it will definitely make your movie nights more fun.

  1. Whisky Glass Set

Men love their whisky. And if your boyfriend is one of them, he is going to love this gift.

This beautiful piece of glasses oozes sophistication and class. Gift this to him, and he will thank you for being so thoughtful.

This is also a cool thing to gift your friend. Check-out more gift ideas for your best friend here.

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  1. Trimmer

Whether you like him with or without the beard, a trimmer is a necessity for every guy. It helps them to keep their sharp and sexy game on.

This trimmer by Philips is one of the highest sold products. It comes with a different set of blades for different needs. Although Philips needs no recommendation, we have used this product for a long time, and we vouch for it. 

  1. Fitbit

This is again a great birthday gift, something to be used on a daily basis. For all the fitness freaks out there, this gadget is extremely useful. From counting the calories burnt everyday to remind you to take a walk every once in a while, it will make sure you are taking your health seriously.

For someone who works out, it is advisable to know how many calories they are actually burning. And if you actually want to see some results of you sweating day and night, nothing is better than to keep a track of it. 

As this easily gets synched, your daily calorie burn will be logged into your phone, for you to keep an eye on how you are doing.

  1. Kindle 

This amazing device revolutionized the way we read. This is a gift every reader deserves to own.

If your boyfriend likes reading, you will know that there is no gift better than this. It will allow him to carry all his favorite books everywhere with him. 

It comes with features which won’t let you miss the touch and feel of paper.

  1. Backpack 

Backpack might not be a conventional gift yet, but it is a hell of a gift if your boyfriend likes hiking and travelling. We have picked this backpack, as it is rugged, strong, and spacious. You can carry all your essentials in it, and walk miles with this baby on your back.

  1. Nike Shoe 

You can never have too many shoes. And when it comes to Nike, no man can resist that. This shoe is everything you need to keep you looking trendy. It’s way too comfortable, too light and too fashionable to handle. The color and design of the shoe is a treat for the eyes. Gift this to your boyfriend, and he will jump with excitement.

  1. Set Of Book 

Money invested in books is always worth it. If there is any book in his checklist, you can find it in our “amazon search box” and buy it right away.

If your boyfriend is a reader, here is a list of all time famous books that might interest him.

  1. Chess 

If your boyfriend likes Chess, then think no more. No other game is as interesting and as brainy as this. This could be a perfect way to pass time, as you wouldn’t even notice an hour passing by, while playing this game.

And the piece that we are recommending you, it’s a classy looking board, which you can keep in your living room, and it will make it look more beautiful.

  1. Decanter

It’s been gifted from ages, as there cannot be a better gift for someone who understands the respect, scotch deserves. This beautiful piece of art can be kept in your living room, and it will speak of your personality. 

This is not something a boy will keep, it a man thing, it’s a James Bond thing :). For someone who likes to come back to their drink after work, there is nothing better.

  1. Perfume

Perfume is a safe choice for a gift. If you can’t think of anything, this is something you can blindly pick. Who doesn’t like to smell better? And if you are gifting this as a birthday gift, make sure this is not a regular perfume, not something he will think of buying himself, go for the best.

  1. Bar Set

Is your boyfriend someone who drools over liquor. If yes, then let him know that you know his likes. This bar set is a dream gift for anyone, who loves to be behind the bar table. 

Make your party more fun, and take your booze game to the next level. 

  1. DSLR

This is going over the board, but our job is to suggest romantic gift ideas for boyfriends, and this here surely hits the spot. We usually suggest this as a gift for the husband, but if you have the budget, then why not. 

  1. GoPro

This gift is perfect if your boyfriend is into vlogging or travelling. This gadget makes vlogging so easy and fun, he is going to love you for this. 

Definitely this is on the higher side of the budget, but this gift is gonna last for a lifetime. Get this, and get ready to capture your trips better than any other video cam on earth.  

  1. Xbox

Craze for video games is very common among guys. And if he is like any other guys, then it’s a no brainer. 

This is also something both of you can use together, it will make you fight, compete and will keep you guys on the edge. Buy this, and bring the child inside him alive.

  1. Guitar

There is no gift cooler than this. If your boyfriend has even a tiny bit of interest in playing guitar or learning it, then you have found your birthday gift. 

This particular Guitar is picked for beginners, and it is perfect to take your first lesson.

  1. Watch

A nice watch is a classic gift. There is no doubt that watches make a romantic gift. The only question is, which watch to select. 

Don’t worry, we will save you from the trouble of going through hundreds of watches, because we have found the one. After hours of scanning the web, we have selected this watch by xyz.

  1. Photo Frame

A foolproof way to preserve the captured memories, photo frames are still rocking in this new digital era. This six frame hanging collage photo frame is our favorite as they can be arranged according to his preference and adorn the wall with wonderful photos.

  1. Scrapbook Album

Did you say romantic gifts? This scrapbook will definitely make him fall head over heels in love with you. In addition to the marvelous rosy design of the book, lovely pictures, as well as dreamy love messages and notes, can be added in here for your sweetheart.

  1. Key Chain 

This gift will always be close to him, to remind him, there is someone, who loves him unconditionally. A small but thoughtful token of love, you can include this gift along with other gifts or gift it alone, he is gonna love it.

23. Tiny Gift Hamper

This tiny gift hamper has romance written all over it. This is also a great gift for a girlfriend/wife, and we have a few more if you want you can check it out here.

This gift hamper comes with a tiny bottle with a heart inside, a set of postcards with romantic messages, and a pack of cupid’s crunch.

The package is designed to be gifted as a romantic gift, check it out, you don’t want to miss this one.

24. Gift Card Contract

This gift contract will give you hold of your boyfriend, you don’t wanna miss. It guarantees to steam up your relationship. These cards will allow you to control your man and make him dance on your tune if he already doesn’t. Make his birthday night more special, with these cards, check out the product page for more details. 

25. Tie 

If you wanna play safe, go for this uber-stylish tie. And this is not something to pair with a formal outfit, but to show-off on a casual outing. You can wear it with your business casual, as it will add charm to your look. 

26. Casual Half Shirt 

You must have seen Hrithik Roshan pulling these shirts off, now you don’t have to be him to look dapper. We are pretty sure your boyfriend doesn’t have something like this, so buy it, and see him killing it.

This is the coolest thing on the internet, and you can’t miss to buy it. Trust us on this, it’s rare to find shirts like this, online or offline.

27. Denim Jacket

Something doesn’t go out of fashion, denim jackets are definitely one of them. No matter what’s trending, one can never go wrong with these. 

We have handpicked this jacket for it’s design, as it is killing it all over the world.