20 Coolest Tech Gadgets To Buy Online In India

The world is moving fast, and the world of tech gadgets is moving even faster. Gadgets we couldn’t even imagine a few years back are now used by millions across the globe.

And we know it’s hard to keep up.

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So, here we present the 20 coolest tech gadgets available in India, which is making news for futuristic features. 

1. Google Nest Mini: Google always comes up with the most useful products to make our life easier. This Google Nest Mini will assist you throughout your day. As Google already is a big part of our life, we use it for emails, to plan our schedule, to take the best route to our office, to listen to our favorite songs on youtube and whatnot, we use Google for everything. Nest Mini will help you do all this, from one device. It’s an assistant who already knows everything about you.

  • It has 2x bass as compared to home mini
  • It comes in Chalk and charcoal color.
  • It’s ready to talk in Hindi.
  • You can mount it on your wall
  • And you can control other smart devices with it.

2. Air Pods: New AirPod is extremely stylish and it’s a must-have product for all Apple users. If you are someone who likes using the finest tech gadgets, this air pod is for you.

  • It can be easily set up for you Apple devices 
  • You talk to Siri, just by saying “Hi Siri”.
  • Listening to your favorite songs is just a tap away, equipped with an amazing touch sensor.
  • Fast charging in the case and it can also be charged wirelessly.
  • It goes without saying that audio quality is top-notch, it’s APPLE.

3. Sony PS 4: This new PS 4 will meet all your gaming expectations and more. It delivers everything you need from a game station.

Visuals are clearer than before and it’s easy to use. Take you game mania to a whole new level with this new gadget.

4. Echo Dot: Amazon echo is packed with features and corroborates your faith in the brand Amazon. 

  • Want to listen to your favorite track, news, set up alarm ? Just ask Alexa
  • Talk to Alexa in Hindi or English 
  • Access your favorite music apps like Jio Savaan, Apple Music or Prime Songs
  • Control every other device in your home with alexa such as AC, geyser etc * Smart plug is required separately.

5. Kindle: Kindle by Amazon is the most useful tech gadget for a reader. It is already widely accepted, as most of the books are now available on it and it takes care of their reader in every possible way. Some features to notice are:

  • Adjustable front light
  • It’s built in a way that you won’t miss the feel of the paper, it’s glare free and it’s eco-friendly.
  • You can highlight your favorite paragraphs, translate the words and adjust the font size as per your convenience. 

6. VR Box: The procus VR headset is definitely one of our favorite new age tech products. This tech gadget is the coolest thing you can buy today and it will give you brand new futuristic experience

  • It has in-built buttons to give a better gaming experience.
  • Headband is adjustable and very comfortable to use.
  • It can be used with phone screens ranging from 4.7 – 6.
  • Procus one is equipped with the largest lens available and it can make you sink in the view.
  • You can also plug in your earphone with it for a better experience.

7. Go Pro: Go Pro is the coolest gadget you can buy today if you like travelling or vlogging. You can mount it on your helmet while riding your bike, make videos while trekking and you can create travel vlogs very easily.

  • You can capture smooth videos as there is no other device which beats the GoPro stabilization.
  • It detects smiles and faces.
  • It is waterproof and you can use it to make pool and water splash videos.
  • It’s compatible and very easy to carry.

8. Wireless Headphone: This JBL bluetooth headphone is not just a cool gadget, it’s a fashion accessory. It comes with the trust of JBL, a brand we have always trusted when it comes to sound accessories. You can put it on for hours and travel very easily as it is made keeping your comfort in mind.

  • The battery life is amazing, close to 11 hours while connected to bluetooth.
  • The cushion is very comforting and the audio is treat to the ear.

9. Gaming Mouse: This gaming mouse by Corsair is nothing but good news for all the gamers. 

  • The body is sturdy, supported with aluminium structure.
  • Equipped with sensors, which is responsive and adjusts to your gaming style.
  • It has 8 meticulously planned buttons which will take your game to the whole new level.

10. Apple Smart Watch: The Apple smartwatch, like it’s every other product, sets itself apart by its quality. It was definitely a revolutionary tech gadget given to humankind. Features of this watch will definitely exceed your expectation, it has got you covered for your fitness tracking to monitor your health.

  • It keeps track of your calorie burnt.
  • It tells you what activities you have done all day and how much calorie you have burnt in all of them.
  • It is waterproof, and you can take it with you for swimming. It will also record the swimming strokes you have performed.
  • It will track your heart beat.
  • It’s easy to connect with the iPhone, and you can monitor your messages, calls and songs just with a touch.

11. FitBit Fitness Band: New fitness band by fitbit is made to make you healthier everyday. 

You can track your daily activities, from work out, to the number of steps taken. It will also record your sleep pattern and will alarm you if there is serious heart condition. 

  • It is very easy to pair with your phone and gives you a detailed report of your daily activity.
  • Very long battery life, which could last up to 5 days
  • It has the alarm which will wake you up with a buzz on your wrist.
  • Get all your phone notifications on the display.
  • Listen to your favorite tracks, and control it with a tap on display.
  • It’s also waterproof.

12. Dyson Air Purifier: Dyson as a brand needs no introduction for it’s quality. It justifies it’s cost with all of its products.

  • Equipped with intelligent purification, removes dust, pollutant, pollen and other bacterias and purifies the air you breathe upto 99.5%.
  • It is engineered to circulate the purified air across the room, even for larger spaces.
  • Dyson app gives you control of the machine.

13. Apple Ipad: The Apple ipad is an exceptional product. Although it’s useful for a specific audience,it is very well received by it’s users.

  • It has a 12.9 inch screen with high resolution..
  • It’s equipped with a 12MP wide camera.
  • It is supported by a magic keyboard and pencil.
  • It’s a perfect go to gadget for a professional.

14. Dyson Cordless Vacuum: Dyson is known for its vacuum cleaners, and that is for a reason. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, no other brand comes closer to Dyson. It’s wireless and made to clean the tiniest dust particle.

15. Roomba: Roomba again is one of our favorite picks from new age tech gadgets. 

  • It’s equipped with iNavigation which enables it to clean under the furniture.
  • Designed to clean both surface and carpet perfectly.
  • Sensor to avoid stairs.
  • The robot will automatically detect the high dirt area and will clean those corners flawlessly.

16. LG Smart TV: The main reason we have included this TV is because it has got some amazing reviews, we for one have used it personally and can validate it. 

  • It comes with 4K ultra hd resolution.
  • It has 3 HDMI slots and 2 USB ports.
  • Supported by magic remote, to control the TV with your voice.
  • The sound is amazing and it has different settings as per the theme, such as cricket and theater.
  • It comes with pre-installed apps like Netflix, Hotstart and Prime. 

17. Apple Air Laptop: This laptop defines a premium quality product. It is definitely the safest laptop to use in terms of viruses and data attacks. Apple stands out for protecting user information and for giving them the most secure gadgets.

  • It has an Intel core i5 processor.
  • Intel Graphics 6000, ideal for and kind of graphic design work.
  • 12 Hours of long battery life.
  • No antivirus is required.

18. Alexa: Alexa is designed to make your life more comfortable. It delivers an amazing sound quality and is always ready to help in Hindi or English.

  • Packed with all your favorite music apps.
  • Equipped with 4 microphones.
  • Always ready to answer you questions on news, weather, songs etc.

19. Waterproof JBL Speaker: You can buy this speaker just for it’s design. It looks incredibly good. Design is the first thing which makes it stand out. 

  • It has a button to activate Google assistant or siri.
  • It comes in various colors.
  • It’s beautiful and compatible.

20. Mini Projector: Nebula mini projector is an experience of theater that you can carry around in your pocket. It gives amazing clarity up to 100 inches.

  • You can connect it with your android phone, and mirror your phone on a big screen.
  • You can take it outside on a romantic date or on a family picnic, and it will definitely make it more fun and memorable. 
  • It can also be used as a bigger screen for your games.

Conclusion: You deserve the comfort of these gadgets, don’t think twice, pick something for yourself or gift this to someone you love, it will mean a lot to them. Also, let us know what you think of our list, and what you want to be added to the list of coolest tech gadgets.

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