25 Cool And Unique Gift Ideas For Wife

We all know that finding the perfect gift for your wife is as difficult as finding a wife. Well, congratulations on finding the love of your life, and now we will help you with some amazing gift ideas for your wife.

Finding a unique gift for a wife can be tricky, as it demands to be more personal, special, and thoughtful. 

Worry not, we are here to help you to find the gift that will leave a big smile on your face. A gift that shows how well you know her and something she will always keep close to her.

Now, as you start searching for the right gift it is very easy to get confused amongst a million options. Most of the websites will suggest you age-old ideas like a coffee mug with your face printed on it or teddy bears.

We realize it takes a lot of time to decide on a prospective gift and to select a product with good reviews and ratings, hence we started BuyMeAGift to help you choose better gifts in less time. Along with gift ideas for your wife, we have also curated some other lists, check them out here.

After hours spent on the web searching for gifts for every kind of girl out there, we present to you 25 cool and unique gift ideas for your wife. Each gift caters to a personal touch and liking.

We have also curated some gifts, especially for her birthday, you can read about those gifts on this blog.

Unique Gifts For Wife in India

  1. Premium Perfume: Classic perfumes like these will bring out the best in her by keeping her refreshed and irresistible throughout the day. Three sexy fragrances with a touch of elegance for the modern woman.

2.The Body Shop Set: This brand has captured the market for its authenticity and benefits among its audience. It is packed and planned to be gifted and looks amazing. This gift basket is the whole package to keep her skin smooth and refreshing as it comes with the shower gel, body butter, body soap, body polish, strawberry soap, and a loofa. 

3.M.A.C Ruby Woo Lipstick: Ruby Woo by M.A.C is one product that deserves a place in every girl’s vanity. The brand’s highest-selling product and rightly so. Designed to suit every complexion out there, it is the red shade of dreams. Just trust us with this one.

4.Eye Palette: A girl has got to decorate her eyes. And when it comes to beauty products there is no match to Huda Beauty, we bet you won’t regret spending money on this one. Gift this to your wife and add drama to her makeup kit. She can create looks ranging from casual to bombshell using this palette which beauty gurus swear by.

5.A Book: As said by Annie Dillard “She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live”.

If your wife loves reading good books, it will be very thoughtful to give her something she was planning to read or would love to read. 

There are tons of good books to give, you can check out some recommended by us here. But one book which is trending right now is  “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**K”. 

When everyone is talking about positivity, Mark Manson says f**k positivity and pens the reality we should know. While researching for gift ideas for wife, we make sure to add diversity to our list.

6.A Poster: If she is into movies and TV series, giving her a poster of her favorite TV show or character will do the work. We have shortlisted some of the most sold and popular posters. 

Joker Poster

7.Bobble Heads: Bring out the fangirl in her by giving her these miniatures of her favorite characters. Whether she is a fan of Marvel or Harry Potter, you can’t possibly go wrong with a bobblehead. You can give her the entire collection of Marvel action figures.

Joker Bobblehead
Captain America Bobblehead


“Life is short, your heels shouldn’t be”

These black suede pumps are for the boss babe in her. They are designed to instantly uplift her look while being comfortable. Anyway, one can never go wrong with black. It’s a must-have, we would say.

Pair this with a sexy top, and she will have a head-turner ensemble ready. You can check out some sexy tops here.

9.Full Length Mirror: If you have space, this is a must-have product for girls who like to get dressed up just for fun. We won’t recommend this if you don’t have enough space in your living room, but given the space, this will complete her fashion accessory.

10.Vanity Mirror With Light: Let her know that she is no less than a celebrity for you. This vanity mirror is made to make her feel popular. Every girl dreams to have a glammed up corner, where she can sit and bring out her inner diva. This mirror comes decorated with lights, which makes it even fancier. 

11. Jewelry:  “A girl can never have enough Jewelry” And girls across the globe believe that. So, you can never go wrong with jewelry as it is a girl’s favorite from ages. Pick any of these unique pieces that we picked as the most popular Jewelry among the girls. All three of them are a piece of art crafted for today’s modern women. When looking for gift ideas for wife, make sure to add jewelry to your list.

12. A Guitar: If learning Guitar is something she will be excited about, then this gift will come in handy. Learning guitar will give your wife something to look forward to, and she will acquire a skill she can proudly flaunt. This guitar is the best-reviewed guitar on amazon, so you don’t have to waste time filtering products. 

Fashion gift ideas for wives in India

13. Puma Shoes: This shoe is the future of sneakers and for all good reasons. Taking inspiration from retro tennis, Puma has designed this shoe which speaks fashion and comes with unmatched comfort. The metallic upper of the shoe looks uber stylish and it goes well with jeans, dresses, and shorts. 

14.A Black Dress: Who doesn’t love BLACK. Black is probably the safest and classist color you can choose to wear, and no matter how serious your girl is about her wardrobe, a black dress is a must-have.

Kazo Black Dress

15.Wireless Earphone: It didn’t take us much time to pick JBL as our pick for earphones, being a user for a long time we can vouch for the sound quality and durability of the brand.

The new design is sexy and has become a fashion accessory for millions. Trusted by the mass, this earphone is hands down the people’s favorite. If she doesn’t already have one, she is gonna love this.

You can explore some more cool gadgets to gift here.

16.A Watch: We can bet that your wife cannot wait to wrap this uber-stylish watch around her wrist. Made to look elegant this watch has everything you need to make it a perfect wife gift, it has the brand name of XYZ to back the trust and design to uplift your class. We have picked this product after a lot of research, so you can trust us on the quality. Check out more details on the product page.

Daniel Wellington Women Watch
Tommy Hilfiger Women's Watch

17.Apple Smart Watch: Planning to up your gifting game? This is a perfect gift if you like going over the top to make her birthday larger than ever. The brand needs no introduction and this watch is a modern piece of art. From managing your phone to tracking your daily activities, it covers everything you need and more. Buy this now and the look on her face will be worth it.

18.Fitbit: This band is guaranteed to take your wife’s fitness commitment to the next level. Everyone these days is taking their health very seriously, and you don’t want to get left behind. This band will help her track daily calorie burnt, what activities she is engaging in, and will also remind her if you are sitting for too long. If you want the full review you can check-out here.

19.Travel Gift Set: Does your wife love traveling? Look no more and buy this set of traveling goodies now. It comes with a diary, customized on the theme of traveling, a map you can scratch to cross off a place from your list. You can also add in other goodies like neck-pillow, eye-mask, passport holder and a back-pack to make it a complete set. You can find these products here.

20.Sunglasses: This sunglass is very much in trend right now, and goes well on all kinds of face cuts. It’s glamorous and will transform her into a fashionista in the blink of an eye.

21. A Handbag: A woman’s attire is incomplete without a stylish handbag. And as you are gifting this to your wife it has to be fancy and non-casual. Check out this beautiful handbag made to complete her look. 

Guess Shoulder Bag
Hidesign Shoulder Bag

22. A ticket for a trip: A trip to a place she has been planning to visit for a long time or wanted to go, again and again, will definitely put a big smile on her face. Break the routine of regular gifts and turn her birthday into a romantic vacation. 

Vacation Trip

23.Book A Spa, Pedicure, and Hair Treatment along with a romantic dinner: Who doesn’t love the idea of good professional hands squeezing the stress out of your body. Book her a full body spa along with a pedicure and manicure treatment and end the day with a romantic dinner and a bottle of wine. 

Full Body Spa gift ideas for wife
Romantic Dinner

24.Alexa: Make your wife happy and her home smarter with this brand new Alexa. Alexa is a smart gift for the smart girl. Equipped with all the new technologies, from answering in both Hindi and English to bringing to you all the interesting information and songs, and it has got everything to keep her entertained. 

25.Kindle: Kindle makes the perfect gift for a modern-day reader. It has the look and feels of a real paper, the light and texture get adjusted as per the lighting, you can take notes on the side and download millions of e-books. You can actually carry all your favorite books with you all the time. A perfect for a reader.


We have made sure that we covered everything that the wife’s love to receive. We have spent hours of research to provide you with the best gift ideas for your wife. If you are reading this as a husband, make sure to bookmark this page :), and if you are reading this as a wife, share it with your husband, and let them know your choice.

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