Newborn Baby Products With Price In India

Hey!!! First of all congratulations on the baby, and we hope he/she is sound and healthy. Although we can understand the excitement you have right now, we also know that you are scared and nervous. But don’t worry, we are here to help you in every way we can. By the end of this article, you will have all things necessary for a new baby.

So, if you are wondering what are the newborn baby products that you should buy, you have come to the right place. Most of these newborn baby products that we are suggesting are an absolute necessity, and you probably already have it. 

But here is the list of products you can cross-check, that we have curated for a newborn baby to buy online in India.

At buymeagift we list handpicked products from all over the web, to give you easy access to good products.

List of newborn baby products with price in India.

  1. Bed Absorbent for a new baby

This super-absorbent sheet will protect your mattress from getting wet. The fabric of the sheet is carefully picked to not absorb heat and it is so soft that your baby will get the most carefree sleep. 

It also dries faster and it’s durable. One sheet can be reused a minimum of 45 times.

newborn baby bed absorbent
Price – 299/-

2. Sterilizer

As sterilizing the feeding bottles is compulsory and needs to be done frequently throughout the day, this equipment will turn out to be of great use.

You can easily fit in both wide and narrow neck bottles. It uses steam for sterilization. 

Sterilization of baby bottles will ensure safety from diarrhea and other diseases by keeping the feeding equipment clean. 

newborn baby products sterlizer
Price – 3279/-


3. Bed Wall 

This bed wall is an absolute necessity. As the baby will grow old, you will realize it is hard to keep an eye on them all the time. They will try to jump off the bed at every chance they will get. This wall will keep you at ease and unworried.

It is very easy to install and compatible with all bed sizes. 

bed wall
Price – 1798/-

4. Head Guard

This product is literally a lifesaver. Babies roll all the time, that’s what they do. As you can’t keep jumping to save their head from banging the floor, this product will prove very useful.

Wrap it around your baby’s head, and set your baby free without any worry.

newborn baby products
Price – 499/-
newborn baby head guard
Price – 1399/-

5. Teether

Once your baby will start teething, they will stick their teeth in everything in their reach. You can’t do anything about the itch in their gum, but you can give them this teether to feed the itch. 

newborn baby products
Price – 199/-

6. Baby Seat

Even though it is not mandatory to use baby seats in India yet, it is extremely important for your baby’s protection. 

This seat will make sure a safe drive when your baby is on board. The product is very sturdy and trusted by thousands of users across India.

best baby car seat
Price – 5401/-

7. Wet Wipes

A perfect product to clean the hand, face, and diaper area of your baby. It contains Aloe Vera which leaves a fragrance for your baby to enjoy once you are done with the cleaning. 

Your newborn baby will love to get cleaned up by these wet wipes.

newborn baby wet wipes
Price – 400/-

8. Baby Bed Rail

We know you love your baby more than anything in this world, but you cannot put a price tag on the quietness and calmness of time when your baby is sleeping. Give your baby a long goodnight’s sleep with this comfortable mattress. 

The net is very clear, providing clear vision to the baby even when fully zipped. The mattress is fluffy and soft, designed to give your baby the comfort they deserve. 

baby bed rail
Price – 1798/-

9. Baby Tub 

We are sure you are planning to buy a bathtub, so let us just tell you why you should buy this tub. It has an anti-slip at the end of the tub so that your baby won’t slip. Designed in a way so that your baby can move easily in the tub. The drain allows all the water to flow out.

newborn baby bath tub
Price – 1499/-

10. Baby Carrier

It gets difficult to carry your baby around as they get bigger. But we don’t want you to miss out on any outside fun, or be in pain while carrying your newborn. 

This carrier will make it easier for you to carry your baby for a  longer period and save you from back and shoulder pain. 

This is also a great gift for new parents. Please check out more gift suggestions here.

baby carrier
Price – 1875/-

11. Baby Shampoo

This shampoo is made with no tears formula to avoid irritation to your baby’s eyes. It is also enriched with protein for long and strong hair.

They have also used khus grass to keep your baby’s scalp cool and healthy. 

12. Spoon

This again is an obvious purchase, and if you have not bought it already, then you can check-out this product. It has got the best reviews on Amazon for a newborn baby spoon.

newborn baby spoon products
Price – 217/-

13. Baby Grooming Kit 

This grooming kit for newborn baby will make things much easier for you. As you will be running around to take care of your baby, this set of products will come in handy. From nails to hair, it has everything your little one will need.

newborn baby grooming products
Price – 599/-

14. Baby Massage Oil

Massages are an important part of the baby’s routine. And it’s very important to pick the right oil, as it makes your newborn’s bones stronger and keeps them active.

This oil has all the nourishment your baby will need. It is made with ingredients carefully picked to keep your baby’s muscle fresh and healthy, such as the combination of almond, sesame, and other natural ingredients. 

baby massage oil
Price – 399/-

15. Baby Proof Corner

Once your baby will start crawling, they will start dancing around the house, being completely unaware of the sharp edges. These foam cushions will protect your baby from getting injured. You can easily install it around tables and other sharp objects.

Baby proof your apartment and lay down, without worrying for your newborn baby. 

Price – 321/-

16. Cotton Muslin Swaddle

Whether for wiping your baby’s face to clean them, you will need a soft piece of cloth all the time with you. This premium cotton product can be used for multi-purpose activities.

It can be used as a cleaning towel, burp cloth, nursing cover, etc. 

cotton muslin
Price – 1199/-

Thanks for reading the article. If you have any products suggestions, please let us know in the comments section.

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