15 Useful Diwali Gift Ideas – Diwali Gifts For Friends And Family

Out of many festivals celebrated in India, Diwali is one of our favorites for many reasons.

It takes us down memory lane when as a kid we used to wait for Diwali so that we can fire up our favorite crackers in our brand new clothes, and eat a variety of sweets and dishes in our neighborhood. 

Among many traditions, exchanging gifts with our closed one is a very popular tradition followed in India.

And if you are looking for useful Diwali gift ideas for your friends and family, then we will help you to pick the best one. 

As selecting the perfect gift could take a lot of time, with buymeagift, we are helping you to find better products and gifts from all the internet, in one place. 

All the gifts suggested by us are categorically listed here.

15 useful gift ideas for Diwali that you can buy online in India.

  1. Sky Lantern For Diwali Gift

Diwali is all about lights, from our house to our neighborhood, we make sure every dark corner is glowing. 

And we don’t want to make an exception for the sky. And lighting up the sky lantern and leaving it in the sky, watching it float is an amazing experience. In the past few years, sky lanterns have become very common. You can buy this to enjoy with your friends and family.

2. Scented Candle 

Candles are again something very useful to gift on Diwali. A nice scented candle can keep the ambiance of your house calm and soothing. 

This Diwali, give your friend an experience they will cherish. 

3. Diya Lamp 

This Diya lamp will be a nice gift for your mom. It looks extremely beautiful when an oil Diya is placed under it. You can also hang it in front of your house to make your door stand out in all the lights. 

4. Dry Fruit Gift Box

We know this is a very common gift for Diwali, but if you don’t want to experiment a lot and stick with the tradition, then this amazing box of dry fruits is the best thing you can buy for your friends. 

5. Rangoli Stencil 

This is a very useful gift to buy on Diwali, as everyone attempts to make their rangoli perfect, this stencil can help you with that. 

Even boys with zero to no skill of making Rangoli can use this to create something beautiful.

6. Card Box

Many of us play cards all night on Diwali night. If you already have a card deck to play with your friends this Diwali, then buy this beautiful wooden box to keep your cards safe and protected.

7. Subh Labh Door Decor 

As people use “Subh Labh” stickers to paste on their front door on Diwali. This Subh Labh hanging bell will look even more beautiful and classy when decorated on their door.

8. Ganesh On Leaf

Ganesh idols are considered good luck to gift or keep in the house. If you like the concept of gifting idols, then this small and unique Ganesh idol is the perfect gift for Diwali. 

9. Lakshmi Ganesh Idol 

As antiques are a very common gift, be it Diwali or any other occasion, this Ganesh Laksmi idol is a nice thing to gift your mom and dad on this Diwali. 

10. Kurta

You can buy this as a Diwali gift for your boyfriend or husband. There is a very few occasion where we get a chance to wear traditional clothes like Kurta Pajama. Give your boyfriend a desi attire with this yellow kurta. 

What is the best gift for Diwali?

A box full of chocolates is probably the best gift for a kid or a person with a sweet tooth. As Diwali is a festival of sharing sweets, chocolate boxes will be a nice gift. 

11. Chocolate Box

Who doesn’t loves Chocolate? If you are confused among other gifts, then buy this chocolate box without giving it a second thought. 

12. Gift Hamper For Diwali

This is a basket filled with treats for your mouth. Packed with some of the most popular chocolates, every item in this gift hamper will bring you the joy you cannot imagine.

Buy this for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or kid, and they will hug you for it. You can also gift this to your wife on her birthday, and you can check out more gifts for your wife here.

13. Kachua For Good Luck

Kachua is believed to bring money in the house. In old times people used to buy actual tortoise for Dhan and Lakshmi, and if that is not possible to buy (also we cannot give someone an unannounced pet 🙂 ), this metal and crystal Kachua will be a nice and useful gift for Diwali. 

14. Wine Glass

Crockery is a common and useful gift to be given on Diwali. But instead of giving a typical crockery set, you can go ahead with this beautiful piece of the wine glass.

15. Card Deck 

Many of us follow the tradition of playing cards and drinking our favorite beverage on Diwali night. Buy this card set for your friend you love spending time with and will end playing cards on Diwali night.  

16. Poker

Poker is by far the most interesting card game you can play on Diwali. Buy this and make this Diwali much more fun.


Thanks for reading, we hope your search for useful Diwali gift ideas ends here. Please leave behind if you have any suggestions for us.

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