6 Must-Have Products For Your First Wedding Night

The happiness and excitement of the first wedding night are hard to contain, and we can understand the butterflies you must be feeling right now in your stomach. 

And unlike birthdays and anniversaries, this day will not come again and again in your life, most probably :P. So we want it to be absolutely perfect for you. Find below some products that we have hand picked for you, that we find necessary.

6 Must-Have Products For Your First Wedding Night:

  1. Long-Lasting Condom 

It goes without saying that this is one thing you might be most concerned about. Out of all other things, this is something everyone wants to be perfect.

Be a GIVER, buy this condom to make sure you last long enough to make the most of your night.

This is one of the most useful first wedding night items you should have.

  1. Lube 

This shows how much you care for her pleasure and comfort. 

A survey of 2,451 women showed that “9 out of 10 women felt that sex was more comfortable, pleasurable, and simply better with lubricant” source – Independent.

 This lube by Durex will ensure that things go as smoothly as planned. 

  1. Scented Candles

A nice ambiance can set the night apart. And remember, the first impression is everything. Little things done by you can make you her hero. 

This scented candle will give the appropriate lighting required for the night. 

  1. Echo

Music can make a big difference when it comes to setting the mood. With this brand new Alexa, you can control the mood of the room with your voice, now available in Hindi and English. 

  1. Intimate Wash 

Being hygienic is extremely important, be it your first night or any other night. We are sure that you have bathed in deodorant for the night, but your intimate parts need an intimate wash. 

Don’t forget to buy this wash for the occasion.

  1. Paan Mouth Spray 

Nothing turns a woman down than a bad breath. Especially for your first night, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. 

We also have an old tradition to eat paan on our first wedding night, but as we cannot find a paan online, this paan-flavoured spray will do the work.

This mouth spray will help you to smell minty fresh. 


We want to congratulate you again on your wedding and we hope you found some interesting products to use on your first night. If so then please subscribe to our channel and follow us on Instagram. Stay Connected 🙂