Best Birthday Gifts For Men in India

Best birthday gifts for men is such a puzzling thing to contemplate, as every man has a different taste and liking. And a great gift for someone could be a disaster for someone else. 

Now if you are wondering, What is the best birthday gift for a man?

A thirsty man will value water more than gold. Gift something that a man needs or where his interest lies, and your gift will put a big smile on his face.

But you don’t need to lose your sleep over finding the best gift, as we have shortlisted 20 gifts, that any man will love to receive. We have covered common interests like booze, fashion, gadgets, etc. 

From traveling, photography to fitness, we have covered everything that a man is usually interested in. Also, if you don’t find anything here, feel free to message us on Instagram, and we will help you to find the right gift for the man. You can also find links to gifts, specific to a particular interest on our blog.

We believe that there is one perfect gift for every man out there, and we have curated this list so that you can find yours.

**All the gifts suggested in our blog section are listed here, segmented by relationship, occasion, interest, etc.

Find the best birthday gifts for men that you can buy online in India.

  1. Bar Set Gift For Men

This gift is for everyone who loves making drinks at the party. From the comfort of making the drink to the feeling of being a professional, the right tools can make a lot of difference.

Made with stainless steel, it will last longer and look beautiful on a bar table. Click on the image to check out more details about this product on Amazon.

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  1. Decanter 

This is a very popular gift among scotch lovers. Anyone who craves a sip of scotch at the end of the day deserves to have a decanter in their bar collection.

This gift is for someone who understands that presentation matters and takes their drink seriously. 

  1. Telescope 

This telescope is a very unique and cool thing to gift a man. A telescope is a really fun thing to keep in the living room or balcony with a nice view.

Made with brass and wood, this will give an antique and vintage look to the house. If the balcony opens up to a nice view, then grab this gift right away.

  1. Lighter 

This is a very useful gift for a man who smokes. This lighter by Zippo will look very stylish in any hand and will last very long. You can also get different shades and designs for the same lighter.

Even though we don’t encourage smoking, if you are okay with it, you can give this to your husband or your friend.

  1. Headphone

This gift is for a man who runs on music. If the gift is for someone who loves the company of good music while working, working out, or traveling, then your search ends here.

A fully charged headphone will last close to 8 hours and the cushions of the headphone are designed for long use with comfort. They are cushions for your ear.

You can also select among different colours as per the taste of the man.

  1. Fitbit 

If you want to keep your man fit and healthy, then there is no gift better than a fitness band. Wrap this around a man and it will make sure that he is keeping a check on his calorie burnt. 

As it has become a fashion statement in the last couple of years, it will look trendy wrapped around a man’s wrist.

  1. Leather Laptop Bag 

Men carry leather bags,, and this leather laptop bag will just transform your look from a boy to a man. This will go really well when paired with your formal outfit. 

Get ready in style for your next business meeting.

  1. Ice Bucket

Ice cubes are a very important ingredient in a drink. And if you fantasize about drinking your scotch with ice, then you should definitely take this ice bucket home. 

It will also look cool while your friends are at home for a party.

  1. Beer Mug

This gift makes into list of every gift list for a man, and we dare you to disagree that it’s not one the coolest gift for a man who loves beer. 

The glass of this mug is really thick and strong as it is supposed to be.

  1. Books

If the man we are talking about loves reading books, then there is no better gift than a good read. Now before we suggest any books, it’s important to understand the taste of the person, as in if he likes fiction or nonfiction, self-help books or a thriller. 

You can take your time to get the answer and go through the list of books we have shortlisted. All of these books are very well received by the reading community and have got amazing reviews on Amazon.

  1. Alexa

Alexa is hands down the smartest gift of today’s time. With all the features you can imagine from a smart device. Now you can also connect your other smart devices with Alexa and enjoy the comfort of a smart home.

Just go ahead and grab it already.

  1. Aviator

Any man will look better with the right aviators. Aviators have been an essential part of men’s fashion ensembles for ages. It’s not just an accessory to give you a better vision in the sun but it is also a style statement. 

Checkout this aviator that we have picked for you.

  1. BBQ Grill 

Men like to grill their chicken. Anyone who has a big balcony or a backyard deserves to have a BBQ there. You can call your friends over, and make your party much more fun with music, booze and some grilled chicken, hot from the BBQ.

  1. Posters 

If you think posters are a nice gift, then you should definitely check out this collection of posters we have curated for you, all of which will make a great gift. 

Also, as you are giving this as a gift, don’t forget to put it in a nice frame. 

Checkout posters for men

  1. Perfume 

A nice perfume brings out the best in you. Keep everyone around you amazed with your sexy vibe. 

  1. Scotch Glass Set 

Although we have said it multiple times, we will repeat it again, and a man can never have enough scotch glasses. If you are someone who likes to enjoy the drink, then a nice scotch glass is a must-have. 

  1. Pen

This is a gift for a mature and grown-up man. Perfect for a man with a desk.

  1. Body Grooming Kit

Unlike boys, a grownup man takes very good care of their body. They understand very well that a clean and well-groomed look can make a lot of difference.

Charcoal is known to keep the skin smooth and to remove dead skin to give you a fresh look. All the products in this box are made to keep your skin free of dust, infection, and blackheads.

Packed in a beautiful wooden box to give a sophisticated look, this body grooming kit for men will keep them minty fresh. 

  1. Cap

This will be a useful gift for someone who frequently goes out in the sun or loves to style a cap on a casual day out. The traditional baseball cap has also made it to the list in men’s health magazine. You can check other trending caps for winter on men’s health here.

Caps have not gone out of fashion for ages, even though caps have evolved over the period, you can always find a trendy cap to keep you in trend.

The cap that we have selected has got very good reviews from its users and looks good on all kinds of face cuts. 

  1. Watch 

We have saved the best gift for a gentleman for the last. As you are picking the gift for a man, not a boy, a traditional dial watch should be your preference over sports or any digital watch.

We have shortlisted a few wrist watches designed for a man.


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