First Night Gift Ideas For Wife

We understand the pressure of picking the first-night gift for your wife.

As the wedding night is important and special for many reasons. It is the beginning of you and your partner’s life together. So it is crucial that it remains memorable throughout your lives. 

To make things more interesting for your wife, here are a few first-night gift ideas that you could put into action and show your husband-y skills right from day one! 

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  1. An expensive perfume 

Picking up the right perfume is as important as picking up the perfect clothes for the big day! Don’t you want your wife to smell amazing and authentic the whole day? Well, take a look at this Dolce & Gabbana perfume and I’m sure you will sweep her off her feet! 

The first day of your wedding deserves to be celebrated by a gift which is nothing less than a D&G.

  1. Apple Watch 

Go BIG, or go home 🙂

If your wife is into gadgets, there is nothing better than gifting her an apple product.

As you know watch has been a traditional wedding gift for a long time now. So, if you wanna go BIG and also want to play safe, pick this uber-stylish Apple watch.

Coming to features, they have apps that can take care of your wife’s heart and health. Bonus, some apps adjust noises and impact overall hearing. 

There is so much more to this and I bet you will discover features that are mind-blowing. So why wait? Grab the Apple watch series 5 and surprise her as you would have already! 

  1. Jewelry 

Every woman loves jewelry no matter what her style is. So if you wanna go old school, a beautiful piece of Jewelry will do the work. Grab a cute Svelte matching set made with platinum and embedded with diamonds. And let her know what she means to you. 

  1. Wrist Watch

As said before, watches are probably the most gifted product on the first day of the wedding. And if you are planning to save some time, and play safe, just go with it.

We have sorted a few Daniel Wellington watches for you, each on these will make a great wedding gift. 

  1. Something To Wear on Honeymoon 

After the wedding, the honeymoon is the next big thing a newlywed is excited about. We hope you already know that for any occasion, women look forward to dressing up pretty. 

You can also checkout some sexy tops for her here.

So this is your chance to shine, package an ensemble of clothes and accessories, she can wear on the beach. What’s better than a sexy bikini to click beautiful pictures that are going to last a lifetime? 

Aviator: A cool aviator is a must-have while walking under the sun. And it will make her look picturesque.

Choker: This choker will add the boho touch to her look. A must-have for the beach.

Slipper: As her look is incomplete without footwear, we have curated a collection of slippers that she can pull off on the beach.

Hat: Hat will not only protect your wife from getting tanned, but it will also make her Instagram feed more beautiful.  

Shrugs: Shrugs have become an important part of the beach look. And as you will need to click some family pictures, this will be of big use then.  

One Piece: Get her ready to flaunt her beach body in these sexy one piece. 

  1. Tattoo

How about a reminder for a lifetime of togetherness with a tattoo? Tattoos have significant importance and definitely mean more than words could say. Getting her name inked on your body will mean a lot to her (if she is into it)

  1. Frame with her family photo

A woman steps out of her house to come and live her life with you. Obviously she misses her family. What better than a photograph of her family to make her reminisce her life back at home? Go find one of her family photographs and frame it for her! 

  1. A Ticket To Her Favorite Destination 

Travel makes you discover yourself and the people you travel with! Every person has a favorite or a dream destination and by now, you would have known what your wife’s is. How about a memorable and surprising ticket to her favorite destination? Show your romantic skills on the first night and gift her the ticket to her dreamland! 

  1. Makeup Set 

Be it a simple date night or a wedding, it doesn’t feel complete when women don’t put on make-up. The best and the most treasured gift a woman will have is the makeup set! Get her the branded MAC Conceal and correct palette and you will definitely put a smile on your wife’s face. Find some of the highest sold make up products, popular among women.

  1. Aromatic Candles 

An ideal and a simple gift for a newlywed wife would be an aromatic candle. Create a romantic atmosphere for your wife on the first night together with the aroma of some rose candles and make things more interesting for the two of you! What better than rose water and ivy candle with three wicks as the first-night gift for your wife from Bath and Body works that refreshes and lightens up the mood?! 

Hope these work out for you as a new husband and your wife loves the surprises! Happy married life! 🙂 

First Night Gift Ideas For Husband In India

First-night gifts are very special because it’s the first day of your new life with your loving partner.

All these gadgets are the perfect first-night gift for your husband.

  1. DSLR

Don’t you want him to take amazing pictures of you? Buy this DSLR and capture your honeymoon as beautifully as it is going to be. 

2. Apple Watch 

You will know if this is the right gift for him right away. We have also suggested this gift for the wife because it is indeed the most popular first-night gift.

3. VR Set 

If your budget is high and your husband is a gadget fanatic, then there is nothing more amazing and futuristic than this VR set.

4. Playstation

Playstation is again an amazing first-night gift for your husband if he is into playing video games.

5. Bose Headphone 

The headphone is an amazing gift for someone who loves listening to music. It’s a gadget that can be used while working-out, working from home, playing games, or traveling. And when you are gifting this as a first-night gift, then it has to be Bose.

6. Ray-Ban 

Want him to look dapper in your honeymoon pictures? Then look no further, a 

Ray-Ban is the gift you should pick for him.

7. Kindle

If he is a reader, then Kindle is a gadget he deserves to have. It is loaded with features that make it desirable for every reader. 

8. Fitbit 

When talking about gadgets, we cannot keep Fitbit away from our list. This gadget is a blessing for everyone who aspires to be fit. From calories burnt to your heart rate, from keeping accounts of your workouts to the steps you have walked, this amazing little device will make sure your husband is taking good care of his health.

9. Alexa

You will get many nights and evenings to celebrate with him, from birthdays to anniversaries, and any special date is incomplete without the perfect music. Music sets the mood, and with Alexa on your command, a perfect evening is just a request away. 

10. GoPro 

GoPro is a device commonly used by travelers and vloggers, and if your husband loves traveling or going on road trips, then stop right here, and add this to your cart. There is nothing more we can say or advertise about this gadget which is not said already. Go on the product page to check out more details.  

11. Decanter

This is a gift for a man who loves having a scotch after a long day. Any scotch lover will know, that this is the right way to keep your scotch. Gift this, and he will fall in love with you once again. 

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