20 Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas For Husband In India

Looking for birthday gift ideas online for your husband? You don’t have to look any further, as we have spent hours picking these amazing gifts that you can give to your husband on his birthday. 

Every gift product in our list has been very thoughtfully curated, keeping an Indian husband in mind. From tech to booze lovers, we have covered everything. 

We understand that picking a gift amongst the millions of options is not an easy task. For every search, you will see thousands of brands popping up. And it’s confusing to pick just the right product. 

We are here to make things easy for you, as we list gifts from all over the internet. And all the products suggested are well researched or used by us.  

Gifts Based on Interest

If you want your gift to be personal and thoughtful, we will recommend picking a gift based on your husband’s interest. So, think about what he likes to do, how he likes to spend his time. 

Does he like reading, traveling, playing indoor or outdoor games, etc. If you have your answer, you can check our list, segmented on the basis of interest here. 

You can check out some gifts for harry potter fans, if he is one of them.

Find below the list of 20 Birthday gift ideas for your husband in India.

  1. Wireless Earphones and Headphones: Wireless earphones are the most common gift these days. And when it comes to earphones, we vouch for JBL. This earphone by JBL is stylish, efficient and brings the best sound out of a device. 
  1. Watch: Watches are again a popular gift for husbands. With watches, you can go as premium as you want. Considering all the watches available online, we recommend going with FOSSIL. This particular watch by FOSSIL is designed for today’s modern men. It’s extremely stylish and goes with almost all kinds of clothing. As we have also used this product, we can vouch for its durability. 
  1. Aviator: If your man likes to dress up and look dapper, this is the perfect gift for him. This particular frame will go with all kinds of face cuts. This one accessory will add a touch of glamour to every outfit. This is also the most popular gift for men on our website.

gifts for batman lovers

  1. Barbeque Grill: Does your man like occasional cooking? If yes, then think no more. This grill will make your Sunday and outings for fun. With beer in one hand, if you can see your man grilling meat and having a relaxed Sunday, then go for it.
  1. Shoes: “Good shoes take you good places”. A good pair of shoes makes every outfit look stylish. This brown leather shoe is actually a piece of art. It can be worn to office parties and formal gatherings. It’s ELITE and it’s durable, and it’s a steal at this price.
  1. Bar Gift Set: This is a dream of a gift for guys who love scotch. “Your style says who you are”. Scotch is a statement in itself, and this bar set will complement your scotch collection. 
  1. DSLR Camera: Costly but an amazing gift. If your husband likes clicking pictures and has a knack for photography, then it’s a no brainer. Buy this for him, and get prepared to pose. This will definitely capture your trips beautifully and will make your feed look even better. 

  1. Fitbit: This amazing device will keep track of all his physical activities. If your husband likes working out, or you want him to, this will be a good start. From calories burnt to his heartbeat, this waterproof fitness band will cover all of it. You can check out more cool gadgets to gift here.
  1. Philips Trimmer Set: If you want your gift to be useful, this will make a perfect gift. This gift will take care of his beard and will keep him sharp all the time. It comes with different sets of blades to take care of all your haircut needs.
  1. Recliner: This recliner is a piece of art and luxury. Nothing will make your husband happy more than a place to sit and relax, after a long tiring day. 
  1. Wooden Chess: While board games are great gifts for boys, wooden chess will make a perfect gift for your husband. 
  1. Kindle: If your husband likes reading and gadgets, Kindle is the answer for your birthday present. He can carry a million books with him, wherever he goes. Adjustable front lights and feel of a paper makes it more fun to use. 
  1. Gym Bag: This is the right gift for a man who loves working out. If he takes working out seriously, give this to him if he already doesn’t have it. From shoes to headphones, it can pack all your essentials in it. 
  1. Leather Laptop Bag: This bag will definitely turn heads in the office. Made with leather, it looks extremely stylish. It will be an upgrade to shift from backpack to this leather bag. 
  1. Guitar: A cool gift for your cool husband. Learning Guitar is something all of us keep thinking about. Gift this to your husband, and help him cross one thing off his list.
  1. Game of Thrones & Lord Of the Rings & Meluha Book Set: This is a goal, most of the readers set for themselves. Both of these book sets are classical and is something every reader should go through. While Meluha is probably the best mythological book series from India, Game of Thrones is known for its twists and turns all over the world.
  1. Perfume: Perfumes are again a classy thing to gift your husband. This perfume by xyz brings out the best in every man. With a scent that lasts long, this is definitely something a man should have in his wardrobe.   
  1. Leather jacket: A leather jacket makes all of us look a tad better. When going out for a bike trip or to hang out with friends, this jacket will come in handy to complete your wardrobe.
  1. Wallet & Belt Set: This set of wallets and belts is made with elegance to bring out the best in you. 
  1. Alexa: Designed to make your life more fun and comfortable, Alexa checks all the boxes for a perfect birthday gift. Futuristic design and amazing sound quality add to its functionality.

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