Teen Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas season is here, and teens will be happy and excited about all the gifts they will get. A nice thoughtful gift can put a big smile on their face because it makes them feel extra special.

And if you have not decided on the Christmas gifts yet, no worries, we have listed the best teen Christmas gift ideas for you to choose from. 

Teens are the most excited about this festival because Christmas is hands down the biggest festival when it comes to gifting.

Keeping choices of teens in mind, we have listed our Christmas gifts, from accessories to wear, to games to play, we have covered everything a teen boy can dream of owning. 

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Here are the best teen Christmas gift ideas that you can buy online in India.

  1. FIFA – Xbox Game For Christmas Gift

If the teen is an Xbox fanatic, there is no gift better than a newly launched game. FIFA is one of the most played and highly competitive games on Xbox. You can check-out more Xbox games for teens here.

2. Smart Watch

If you are looking for something expensive and cool, then a smartwatch is something in trend among teens. It will definitely make you the start of the festival.

3. Playstation VR Set

You are going to hit the jackpot with this gift. This is everything for a teenager who loves playing games. With features that are unmatched, this is something you can give if you like going over the top.

4. Beanie

For the teens who like dressing up in style, this is a nice Christmas gift. Given the current situation of the pandemic, it will also serve the purpose of covering your face 🙂

This is also a good gift for your friend. You can check out more gift ideas for friends here.

5. Cap

This cap by Wildcraft is very popular among teens. Made with a touch of trendy style, it will make them look sharp.

Perfect for playing outdoor games like Cricket.

6. Skateboard

Teens love skateboards, and in the past few years, it has become the fad among the kids. Make sure you buy a safety kit with it and set them free.

7. Bat

Cricket is the game of India, a game which unites us and a game which is played in every nook and corner of our country. If your kid is also a cricket fan, then buy this bat right away, and make his Christmas merrier. 

8. Basketball

All we want our kids to do today is go out and play, get muddy, get exhausted, like how we used to be. If you want them to go out and play an actual game, buy this basketball and ask them to shoot it for an hour every day.

9. Rollerblade

If your kid likes the adrenaline boost, then nothing better than these rollerblades for kids.

10. Programmable Robot Kit For Teens

If you are looking for something fun and educational, this is it. It will expand their mind to think fast and teach them the basics of programming along the way.

11. Posters

Posters are a great gift because it keeps you close to the ones you love and admire. From your favorite superhero to cricketer, you can put up anything on your wall. You can also gift a motivational or funny poster for your teen, if that is something they will like.

12. Shoes

If your kid is into playing sports or running, a good sports shoe like this will be a great Christmas gift for a teenager.

13. Bicycle

We know there is no match to the joy we get from riding a new bicycle. Relive the moment with your kid, buy this amazing sports bicycle this Christmas.

14. Boxing Gloves 

Is he a fighter? Boxing gloves will be a great start for a kid who inspires to be a boxer or likes sweating in his spare time. Help him build his strength with this nice gift. 

15. Bluetooth Headphone

Listening to music is one of the favorite things of millennials and today’s teens. With this amazing headphone, reinvent the way you listen to music.

16. Monopoly

All of us have enjoyed playing Monopoly in our childhood, and it will bring you great joy playing it with your kids. 

17. Guitar 

Guitar will be a good start to learn a new skill. It’s always better to encourage a kid to learn a new instrument at an early stage. 

18. Bobblehead 

Every teen has a favorite movie character, and bobbleheads are a great way to keep your action figures close to yourself. Whether it is Harry Potter or Marvel superheroes, you can choose any of these bobbleheads. 

19. Chocolate Box

This will be a perfect Christmas gift for a foodie teen. Both of these boxes are filled with mouth-watering chocolates, which are gonna explode in their mouth and will blow their mind.

20. Tablet 

Tablet has become a necessity for today’s kids. From taking online classes to games, it can be their one source of entertainment. 

21. Batman & Spiderman Slipper

These slippers are super cozy and comfortable and a superhero print on it definitely adds to its beauty.

It will also keep their feet warm and protected in this temperature. 

22. VR Box

As our teens, VR is the future. Keep your kid up to date with today’s technology. This headset will make your videos more realistic and games much more fun.

A decent product in this price range, you can check-out the Oculus VR set, if your budget is high.

23. Walkie Talkie

All of us have dreamed of playing Police-Chor with a Walkie Talkie in our hands. Plan a mission with your best friend, and use this Walkie Talkie to make it even more interesting.

Thanks for reading till the end, and we hope your search for teen Chrsitmas gift ideas ends here. If you have any feedback for us, please comment and let us know.

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