Essential Gifts For Plant Lovers

In this article, we will suggest you the best gifts for plant lovers that you can buy online in India.

So, why we should buy plants as a gift?

According to an article by hside, plants:

  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Improves mood.
  • Prolongs attention span 
  • Relieves stress and anxiety 

So, when it comes to picking a gift for a loved one, there cannot be a better gift than a plant. As you are giving them something to look forward to every day, something they can nurture and grow with love.

Coming to selecting a gift, it’s tricky. As there are not too many common things that come to mind, that is essential for plant lovers.

You can also read blogs on other cool and quirky gift suggestions here (buymeagift).

But worry not, we will save you some time, as we have curated some of the most useful and cute presents for plant lovers.

5 best gifts for plant lovers in India.

1. Cute Beautiful Pots by Chumbak

This is the most beautiful and useful thing you can buy for a plant lover. As plants require a change of pot once they grow big, this pot will come to use.

This is a nice gift for a female friend, you can check out more gifts for girl friend here.

Chumbak has a collection of very cute little pots that you will love to bring home. Check out these beautiful pots, and buy the one that compliments your home decor.

2. Grow In Dark Book 

If you have tons of indoor plants to take care of, and direct sunlight in your house is not very consistent, this book will come in handy.

It has all the secret tips and tricks you need to know, to keep your plants healthy.

3. Gardening Kit 

Every passionate gardener will already have a kit set with them, but if they don’t, then you are lucky. Just add this to your cart without giving it another thought.

4. Light Bulb 

The scarcity of sunlight can ruin the plan to grow a nursery in the house. If your friend is also struggling to get enough lights in his house, then buy this artificial light for him/her, as it will help the plants with the required lights.

5. Lucky Bamboo

You cannot have enough of lucky bamboos. This cute little plant is the first thing when we think of when gifting a plant.

This will be a cute thing to give your boyfriend/girlfriend. (Checkout more cute gifts for boyfriend here)

And it doesn’t have to be a lucky bamboo, find below some of the most popular succulents, that you can buy as a gift.

All of these plants will need minimum to low maintenance.

Bring yours home today, if you already don’t have one.

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