Adventurous Gifts For Nature Lover To Buy On Amazon India

Pick the coolest and the most adventurous gifts for your nature lovers, that will get him/her excited for his/her next trip into the wilds. From tents to sleep into headlamps for a night trek, you will find everything that will come in handy for someone in the wild. 

You will also find gifts for your friend who is conscious about leaving a carbon footprint, and for someone who just loves to sit in nature’s lap and be in the ZEN mode.

You can also find some more gifts for travelers here.

So, here are the 15 most useful gifts for a nature-loving friend.

  1. Scratch Off Map 

Like keeping track of your travels?

There is no creative, fun, and better way to keep track of your travel logs than a scratch-off map.

This is one of the most popular gifts among nature lovers in India, so what are you waiting for? Go check this out.

2. Hammock 

Be up in the air, be comfortable and be safe. This hammock is one of the best options you will get in nature to get a good night’s sleep. It is also a great space for you and your partner to cozy up.

Get this great gift for yourself or a nature-loving friend today.

3. Campfire 

Buy this campfire for a genuine outdoor experience. If you are traveling in a group, your trip is incomplete with people sitting around the fire, chatting, singing, and sipping beer.

You can take it with you easily in a car and set it up anywhere you want.

4. Posters

How great it is to look at wall art, that reflects your true love. Posters are meant to show us something we truly love and admire, be it a celebrity crush or a hobby.

This poster not only reflects your interest but will also look amazing in your living room.

5. Binoculars

Things look much better when you get a closer look. As nature could be humongous, it’s impossible to reach everywhere on your feet. This binocular will help you be everywhere by being in one place.

Bought and used by us, this binocular will give you the feel of an adventurer. 

5. The Lost Art Of Nature Sign Book 

Everything is more interesting when you understand them better. Especially when you are in nature, it is advisable to learn the tiniest detail. It will help you enjoy nature better and will also keep you safe.

This book contains all the useful tips that you need to know before stepping into the wild.

6. Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnets add a touch of funk to your kitchen. And it’s even better if it is vibing with your likes and interests. So treat yourself or your friend with these cool fridge magnets that are an amazing gift for a nature lover.

7. Torch

If you are planning to step out or stay the night in the dark, it’s a necessity to have a good backup of lights. All of us have heard those horror stories that took place in the woods, so if you don’t want to be in that story, it’s better to be ready with an emergency light.

This light is one of the best-reviewed on amazon and will definitely get you through the night.

8. Forest Essential Shower Set

This Forest Essential sulfate-free shower set uses turmeric to purify and refresh your skin while keeping its natural moisture intact.

This Ayurvedic formulation shoer gel will take you back to nature. Made with everything natural, this is truly a treat for your body.

9. Nature Lover Tshirt

Tshirt speak a lot about your interest, text on your tees can say whether you are a nerd, a sports freak, a workout freak, or a nature lover.

With this amazing nature-loving T-shirt, you can actually wear your opinion. Check it out for yourself or gift it to a friend, this deserves to be a part of nature lover’s closet.

This is also a cool gift for bikers. You can check out more gifts for bike lovers here.

10. Water Bootle

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this! When you’re wandering through the woods and realize your water bottle is nowhere to be seen, stay hydrated with the LifeStraw. You can use it to sip right from the stream without fear of getting sick thanks to its incredible filtration system.

11. Scented Candles 

Light up these candles, and close your eyes, we promise that the aroma of these scented candles will carry you back into nature. Scented candles make a great gift anyway, so why not add a personal touch of nature.

12. Headlamp 

This is more of a necessity than a gift, if your friend likes to trek in the dark, then this headlamp will come in very handy.

As our hands are usually occupied with stick and bottle, a lamp on the head will be very useful while trekking.

13. Grill 

Grills are the best way to make any outdoor activity fun. Just take some raw food with you, and sit in the lap of nature while you sit with your friends and grill your favorite food.

14. Hat 

Hat along with sunscreen is a must when you are trekking. As scorching heat can burn your screen, it’s better to be prepared than to regret going on the trip.

15. Bluetooth Speaker 

I know this doesn’t come to mind when you think about nature, but trust us, a speaker in your backpack with your favorite track playing is the best experience. 

You can also use it while sitting with your friends, eating or playing games.