Manchester United Gifts For Him Online – India

Welcome to our new collection of manchester united gifts for him that you can buy online in India.

So he is a football fan and his favorite club is Manchester United? Well, you’ve got yourself a theme for ideas on what to gift him. Some of these gifts will hone his football skills, others will help him suit up like his favorite Man U heroes. 

We make a list of Manchester United gifts for him online in India, so you can get the best deals and lowest prices. Make him get sweaty and sporty with everything ManU and red! 

These gifts can be enjoyed by men and boys of all ages and you don’t have to worry about him growing out of them. ( You can check out more gifts for men here)

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Manchester United Gifts For Him In India

  1. Manchester United Face Mask 

Safety is of utmost importance when you go out to play. That’s why this range of ManU themed masks is top on our list. These 2 layered mask pack is easily washable. They come in free size and can be worn everywhere. 

  1. I Am United Coffee Mug & Keychain 

Make his morning sip of coffee kickass with this black coffee mug and keychain set. It’s microwave safe and freezer safe, so he can store his favorite beverages. This environment-friendly product is odorless and non-toxic. It’s perfect for a quick Instagram post or having it on your office desk. It comes with a ManU themed keychain that’s designed with attractive graphics. Let him make a statement! 

  1. Manchester United F.C. Scarf 

Move over Harry Potter scarves because ManU is here to take over. Scarf in itself is a very stylish look when you pair it up with the right clothing. Pull up his style quotient with this red ManU scarf that is easy to wash. He can pair it up with formals and express his sporty self or put it as a decorative item and nail it to a wall. One scarf, many uses. 

  1. ManU Satin Cushion Cover 

Monk Matters makes unique designs with out-of-the-box ideas suited for the 21st-century audience. This is a highly rated product and can add a little “zingg” to his living room, putting his love for his favorite club on full display. It’s made with micro satin and is a super comfortable addition to his couch. 

  1. Manchester United The Complete Biography 

This book is written by award-winning journalist Jim White and has all the wonderful stories and facts a ManU fan must know. It goes through the history of the club, the struggles they faced, and their journey towards success. Rated highly by international critics, this book is an unbiased look into the depths of the club. This makes for a great bedtime reading for any MnU fan. 


  1. Jersey

This gift may be a little expensive but trust us when we say, we have saved the best for the last. It comes with durable blades that don’t need any replacement. Ever! It calls for a great grooming experience, every day. This cordless product comes with an anti-slip grip so he can use it mid-bath as well. It’s an official ManU product and that justifies the price. The product comes with a convenient storage pouch as well. 

This was our rundown of unique Manchester United gifts for him online in India. We hope you picked something off our list, and if not there are plenty of other gifting lists on our website to choose from!