Baby Shower Gifts For Mom – Not The Baby In India

A great way to celebrate the birth of a baby is to recognize and appreciate the mother. As there is so much thrill about a new baby being born, moms are often overlooked. Most baby shower gifts for moms are about the baby because people gift in line with the parent’s intention to be ready for the baby’s arrival.

Most mothers are not expecting baby shower gifts for themselves despite doing all the hard work and spending sleepless nights. 

Picking the right gifts for a new mom can be tough though. You need to get her something different and unique. We bring you a compilation of cool, cute gifts you can gift to a new mom. 

17 Best Baby Shower Gifts For Mom – Not the baby

  1. The Mom’s Co. All Natural Pregnancy Care Gift Box 

Has she just had a baby? What better gift than something all-natural. This gift box contains all the things she needs for herself while she is a doting mother to her newborn baby.

This pregnancy set is Australian-certified, toxin-free. The box contains a creamy Body Butter that’s made of all-natural elements like cocoa, shea butter, and moisturizing oils that increase the skin’s elasticity as the mother’s skin stretches at the belly, hips, and breasts. 

The Body Wash in this gift set is made up of coconut-based mild cleansers and all-natural moisturizers. The essential oils in this product give relief from morning sickness. 

A power combo of 7 essential oils makes up the Natural Body Stretch Oil that comes in this package. Her skin needs extra pampering and care during this time and massages with this oil are sure to help. 

The Cooling Natural Foot Cream is meant for nourishing tired feet that get swollen during pregnancy. Made up of sweet almond and argan oil with a dash of shea butter, it provides nourishment to her ankles. 

This is definitely one of the best baby shower gifts for mom.

  1. Multicolor Weighted Blanket For Anxiety Management 

Pre and post-childbirth is a stressful time for mothers and there can be a lot of anxiety. We are sure you are there for her when she faces this, and that’s why we have this weighted blanket on our list.

You can gift the joy of ultimate comfort that comes with a weighted blanket that is designed for stress management It comes in a beautiful chess pattern that goes with every aesthetic. It also helps improve the quality of sleep. The best part? It’s not made up of any allergic materials. 

  1. All Along You Were Blooming: Thoughts For Boundless Living 

This hardcover book is the perfect gift for a new mother’s peace of mind. Morgan Harper Nichol is a source of comfort, inspiration, and reassurance for a lot of people who know him through his Instagram page.

This collection of illustrated poetry and prose is a reminder of the beautiful life you have been given. It invites you to bask in the glory of sunlight, enjoy the wind and feel the rain. There is a purpose in every season and Moran reminds you of that.  

  1. M Caffeine Pro Coffee Night Skincare Set 

New moms often end up ignoring their skincare routine and this beautiful night skincare set by m-Caffeine will remind them that along with the baby, their skin is important too. It provides oil-free hydration while plumping the skin and reducing puffiness.

With “superfood for skin”, coffee as the base element, this kit has Coffee Face Serum, Coffee Under Eye Mask, Latte Coffee Face Moisturizer, Latte Coffee Sleeping Mask, and Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. Coffee is a rich antioxidant and tones the skin.

It also has exfoliative properties which keep the skin smoother and younger-looking. 

This gifting kit is suitable for all skin types and since it’s made from natural ingredients, it’s perfectly safe for tender skin that a new mother has. The products in this kit contain white water lily that gets rid of hyperpigmentation and reduces wrinkles. Moisturizing shea butter and plumping Hyaluronic acid are also core elements of these products. 

All the products in this kit are dermatologically tested, FDA approved, PETA certified, SLS, and Paraben free. 

This is also a great skin care gift, you can check out more gifts here.

  1. Insulated Tumbler 

Every new mom needs some hot beverages to soothe herself and this insulated tumbler will help her carry her drinks wherever she goes. It comes with a matte finish and comes with an advanced temperature control feature with double-walled vacuum insulation that ensures her favorite beverages are hot for up to 6 hours. The tumbler is made up of food-grade plastic and is BPA-free. 

  1. Bamboo Derived Rayon Towel 

Who has time for spending half an hour on drying yourself, especially when you have a toddler in your crib? This bamboo-derived rayon towel dries quickly and absorbs three times more water than a cotton towel. Popularly known as a Turkish towel, it will wrap her in comfort and freshness every day after a bath. It can also be used as a light blanket for the toddler and can be used while traveling. Turkish towels can be used as a beach towel, bath towel, pool towel, yoga towel as well as gym towel.

  1. Flower Teas 

These flower teas are caffeine-free and a good way to relax your mind and soul. It’s also said to be good for hair and skin by nourishing hair follicles that promote the growth of new hair. As these teas are rich in antioxidants, they reverse the ill effects of sugar caused on our skin. 

They also reduce stress and anxiety by boosting brain activity. Stimulation of serotonin also causes a calming effect on the mother. 

  1. Lip Balm DIY Set

Who knows what ingredients store-bought lip balms have. The phase after pregnancy is delicate for a mother and it’s better to use homemade products on the skin. You can gift her a kit with which she can make a lip balm for herself with all-natural ingredients. The package comes with recipes to make the lip balm so it’s an interesting activity that will give her something fun to do, because after all, looking after the baby all day can get monotonous. 

  1. Leg massager 

Looking after a baby all day can sometimes get tiring. You have to change diapers, cradle them to sleep, take them outside for fresh air, feed them, and whatnot. After a long tiring day of looking after a toddler, a good thing for a mom to do would be to have a massage.

This leg and feet massager can be an ideal gift for a new mom. It effectively massages legs, ankles, and calves, giving you pain relief. It also promotes blood circulation in these areas. It comes with kneading, vibrating, and rolling massage modes. 

The product comes with a 1-year warranty and a doorstep service available in most metro cities. 

  1. Automatic Fragrance Mist Diffuser 

Everyone loves nice smells, especially new moms who have to change diapers frequently. Gift her the joy of unique fragrances with the Airwick Essential Mist Diffuser Kit. This highly-rated product has three intensity settings and converts natural essential oils into a fragrant mist. Calming rose or Relaxing lavender, there are two options to choose from. 

  1. Fur Bean Bag Lounger 

Gift her the joy of ultimate comfort with the faux fur jumbo bean bag. The product is quite highly rated on our list of gifts for moms after birth, as it comes in a teardrop shape that is comfortable to sit for long hours. It provides comfort to the entire back, from body to head. The bean bag helps in stress reduction and looks aesthetically appealing. 

  1. Nursing Cover For Breastfeeding 

No longer will she have to look for unhygienic places when she is away from home, to breastfeed her toddler. This nursing cover poncho provides full privacy and coverage around the entire body. The cover is made up of premium quality fabric that provides ultimate comfort to both the mom and the baby. It’s soft, lightweight, and breathable. 

  1. Stylish Diaper Bags

This diaper bag is not only stylish, but it’s very useful too. It comes with 3 layered protection and is waterproof. With thirteen well-designed pockets for organizing and storing all your baby’s needs.

It has dry and wet sections for separating dirty clothes from fresh ones. For two-way accessibility, it has front and back openings. It also has an anti-theft pocket for the safety of your phone, wallet, etc. 

  1. Baby Carrier Bag 

This baby carrier bag is an ideal gift for new moms. It comes with four-in-one wearing positions and an ergonomic design. It’s meant for newborns and slightly older babies. The product is a convertible carrier with adjustable seats and shoulder straps. 

  1. Baby Bedding Set 

If she hasn’t bought a crib yet, this can be an ideal baby shower gift for mom. This cute-looking baby bedding set comes with a mosquito net and is made up of very cozy glace cotton. It is easy to carry, lightweight, and comes in attractive patterns. The bed is unisex and is easily washable. 

  1. Hot Water Bag For Pain Relief

There is nothing fun in postpartum recovery but this product can make things easier. It can provide instant relief from pain in various body parts. She can keep it inside her comforter or quilt to keep her body lain away. The product charges in 5-10 minutes and gives 120 minutes of pain relief. 

  1. Sling Ring Baby Carrier 

This baby wrap carrier frees your hands while you are carrying your baby. It is made up of 100% cotton and is stretchy and sturdy for everyday use. It is ergonomically designed in such a way that the baby’s strain won’t fall on your back. 

That was our rundown of the top gifts for mom after birth. Most of them are pretty affordable so you can buy more than one gift. Loved our gift recommendations? Check out our other lists and tell us what you bought for your loved ones. 

Hope you have liked the suggestions, also, you can check out more gifts for mom here.