Best pots and planters for your plant décor needs

Heyy, welcome to our new post, in this article we are going to suggest to you some of the best pots and planters that you can buy for your home decor.

We know your plant parents are always looking to replace the ugly nursery pots with beautiful classy homes for your plant babies. Well, your search ends here. We bring to you an assorted list of beautiful ceramic, metal, and jute planters. Come and take a look: 

10 Pots and planters for home decors.

  1. This chumbak teal planter is perfect for your pink plants. The subtle contrast of a Pink Splash Syngonium or a Tradescantia Zebrina or a Nanouk looks amazing against the teal metallic color. 

This is also a great gift for a plant lover, you can check more of them here.

  1. These black and gold planters with beautiful stands define a class. Your Philodendrons are going to love their home.
  1. Rattan is the new IT thing in the Bohemian décor industry. Buy this bamboo planter for your big grown-up plant babies like we ZZ, Snake, or even the Insta famous Fiddle Leaf Fig.
bamboo planter for home
  1. Even a simple jute bag like this can spruce up the living room. It can make any corner of the room look effortlessly beautiful
  1. Get these beautiful metal planters for your garden needs. Available in three colors (Grey, White, and Black), they can transform that messy balcony into an organized zen area.

gifts for nature lovers

  1. Macrame is the best option when it comes to affordable décor. This hanging planter can accommodate 3 plants while looking adorable. Show off your Boston ferns, Spider plant or Money plants.
  1. Honestly, this set of three hanging planters is a steal. It comes in two beautiful combinations and can easily transform a boring window.
  1. This huge metal planter will be a perfect home for your huge Areca Palm. The metallic look and sturdiness sold us immediately.
  1. These cute pots are not exactly meant for plants, but we thought they will look adorable with succulents in them. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself:
  1. We bring you some options for ceramic planters. They look adorable when grouped together. Plant your Calatheas, Alocasias, Fittonia or even a Peace Lily for maximum cuteness.