Best Bangle Box For Brides Online In India

In this article, we have curated the best bangle box for brides that you can buy online in India. 

Weddings are the most special and life-changing events for a girl. This one event makes the transition from you being a girl to a woman. We don’t mean to scare you, but a lot will change. And one of the biggest changes will be your attire. 

Your wardrobe will get a lot of new accessories, and outfits like sarees and suits. And one of the biggest additions will be bangles. 

In India, bangles are considered to be one of the signs of being married. And although it’s your choice to get into bangles, you will get a lot of them for your wedding.

And with beautiful bangles comes responsibility, so you will need boxes and covers to carry them around, safely. 

So, we have filtered the internet, and handpicked some of the best bangle boxes for a new bride, to please every taste. 

Here are the 5 best bangle boxes with prices to buy online. 

  1. Wooden Bangle Box 

This box is made of good quality wood and paper board, perfect to protect your bangle from breaking, and lightweight makes it easy to carry around. It has three rods and comes with a small mirror. 

The skin of the box is designed with floral art and adds to its beauty. 

  1. Bangle Organiser – Pouch 

This is perfect if you don’t have too many bangles to carry, this can especially be used while travelling. As you might just carry a few sets while travelling, this pouch will come in handy to organise your bangles in your bag. 

  1. Wooden Velvet Box 

This big beautiful velvet bangle box had 4 rods and can carry a good amount of bangles safely. Also, this beautiful design has a wedding written all over it, so if you are looking for something traditional and beautiful, this is the perfect pick. 

This one is one of the most sold bangle box for bride in India.

  1. Chumbak Jewellery Box 

This is the box for the modern millennial girl, it is cool and quirky. The design is the best part but the box will not have rods to organise the bangles. We have included this, as some people don’t like the traditional boxes.

  1. Premium Bangle Storage Box 

The product says it all, the perfect premium product for your bangles. Made with leather outside and velvet inside, it oozes class. 

If you don’t want traditional and quirky, this will fit right into your wardrobe. 

Hope you have found your bangle box, please leave us feedback if you believe we can make some improvements. And please follow us on Instagram to stay connected and get updates on some cool products and gift ideas.