Men’s Wear For Marriage Party In Summer

In this article, we have handpicked some of the best men’s wear for a marriage party in summer. Like they say in Manyavar’s ad, “Jaisa Desh Waisa Bhesh”, so if you are planning to attend a wedding this summer, do it in pure desi style. 

Now if you are wondering what to wear to a marriage function in summer, a kurta set with a nehru jacket will be perfect.

It’s Indian, it won’t be too warm for summer, and it looks stylish.

In old times, Kurtas were famously worn by literary figures and artists, but today’s it’s one of the hottest fashions, especially in wedding functions and festivals. These days we have a wide variety for our ethnic outfits.  

You can find a kurta and jacket set for both day and night functions. From Manyavar to fabIndia, we have included all of the celebrated brands in India. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most stylish and ethnic men’s wear for a summer marriage.

  1. Navy Blue Kurta Jacket Set – Price 7,999

These days, most men prefer to wear dark-colored kurtas, as the shades of red are now a bit overused in our shaadis. 

This colour looks good on all the colour complexions, and the best part is, you can wear it for many more functions, as the colour is not limited to weddings.

This jacket can be used later with shirt and trousers combinations as well.  

You must buy a pocket square with this, as it is not included in the set.

Preferred Occasion – Day Or Night Wedding Function 

  1. Embroidered Kurta For Wedding – Price 2,799

If you feel that even a half jacket will be too warm for summer, then you have to go with a heavy kurta, as a plain kurta will look dull, and won’t stand out. 

House of Pataudi has made its name very quickly in ethnic space, and it’s because of its unique products and style.

We bet you will not easily find an embroidered kurta this beautiful online. The work on this is amazingly detailed, making the whole look very soothing to the eyes. 

Preferred Occasion – Day Or Night Function

  1. Black Velvet Bandhgala Blazer – Price 1,979

Okay, we know a blazer will be too hot to wear in summer, but we have included this one product, in case you are attending a marriage party in a closed hall with AC, and it’s possible to wear a blazer.

Black will look amazing on almost everyone, and you can reuse this blazer on many formal occasions as well.

Preferred Occasion – Night Function 

  1. Black Nehru Jacket – Price 1,199

When it comes to black, you don’t have to think about it too much. You can pair it with a number of colours, be it a kurta or shirt. 

If you are wearing this jacket with a dark colour kurta, wear it at night function, otherwise, you can wear it at day function.

It will look best when paired with white or maroon. 

Preferred Occasion – Night (when paired with dark colour) / Day Function (when paired with light colours)

  1. Blue & White Printed Nehru Jacket – Price 3,239

If you are attending a day wedding, then this jacket is definitely one of the hottest pick in the lot. Pair it with a white kurta, and this will look amazing. 

The design of this jacket is fresh and rooted in Indian traditional fashion. 

Preferred Occasion – Day Wedding Function 

  1. Black Nehru Jacket [ fabIndia ] – Price 3,299

This bandhgala nehru jacket will give you the rich look you expect from fabIndia. 

Perfect to pair it with a white kurta set or you can pair it with a white shirt and blue/brown trousers. 

Preferred Occasion – Night Wedding (with shirt and pants) Or Day wedding (with white kurta set)

  1. Off White & Pink Kurta – Price 2,999

This floral printed kurta by Manyavar is perfect for a day function. This here is one of the best sets you can wear at a day wedding function in summer. 

Preferred Occasion – Day Wedding Function 

  1. Blue & Pink Printed Kurta – Price 2,999

Don’t want to wear a jacket? This kurta set is fresh in design and the print will make you fall in love with it. This navy blue kurta has small pink flowers printed all over it, which makes it stand out from a regular kurta. 

The design is also fresh and unique from what’s already out there.

Preferred Occasion – Night Summer Wedding

  1. Yellow Kurta – Price 4,499

Yellow is definitely the most popular festive color we have in India. Whether it’s a haldi function or sangeet, a yellow kurta will fit right into these functions. 

The jari embroidery gives it a rich and exquisite look.

Preferred Occasion – A Day Summer Wedding

Hope you have found the men’s wear for marriage in summer that you were looking for. Please follow us on Instagram to stay connected.