Winter Party Wear Dresses For Ladies

Looking for winter party wear dresses for ladies? In this article, we have handpicked some of the best collections of party dresses that you can get into this winter.

From H&M to ZARA, we have picked dresses from all the popular brands. We have also suggested the links to boots and other accessories that you can pair up with your winter dresses. So that you don’t have to pick your brain over finding the right accessories.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and like to make bold choices, then we have something for each of you. From jackets to oversized sweatshirt dresses, we have everything that you can proudly fashion in this winter. 

Best winter party wear dresses for ladies to buy online in India. 

Casual Party Dresses For Women 

  1. Black Sweatshirt Dress – H&M

Oversized sweatshirt dresses are perfect for a casual party in winter. Whether you are going to have a drink or go shopping, you can put on this sweatshirt dress, paired with a puffed jacket if required, and get winter-ready. 

This dress is made with recycled polyester and cotton, so it’s good for the environment and looks comfy.

If you are a BTS fan or a hat enthusiast, then throw a bucket hat on top for a glamorous look. 

(We have curated some bucket hats in this article)

  1. Short Sweatshirt Dress – H&M

Looking for a chic look?

This sweatshirt dress for women is designed to be worn in winter. This will look best when paired with sneakers. 

For a formal look, you can also pair it with boots. 

  1. Knitted Dress

Want to feel glamorous? Get ready to flaunt the fashionista inside you without putting in much effort. 

Winter is here, and if you are planning to attend a party, we have curated some of the prettiest dresses that people won’t be able to take their eyes off. 

This long sleeve dress can be paired with boots.

  1. Oversized Hoodies For Girls 

Oversized hoodies for girls are in fashion like never before. The reason is the wide range of combinations that is possible with a hoodie. 

Wear it with shorts, dresses, or Jeans, it will complement almost everything in your wardrobe. 

  1. Striped Knit Poncho 

Are you a fan of boho style?

This knitted sleeveless poncho by ZARA is not something you will see floating around. If you are bold with your fashion choices and want to stand out from the crowd, get this right away. 

Pair it with your jeans and shorts, and get winter ready for your next trip. Whether you are planning to go to a beach or a road trip, this poncho will fit right in. 

  1. Long Cardigan 

Long cardigans are the go-to option for all women in winters. One of the stand out features of long cardigans is that it goes well with almost everything. 

This cardigan is designed and made with a touch of style for today’s modern women. 

For a western look, you can pair it with jumpers and dungarees. 

  1. Coord Set 

If you are a fan of FRIENDS, then we don’t even have to sell this product to you. 

This dress screams Rachel Green. And if you are a fan of FRIENDS, you have to be a fan of Rachel Green’s wardrobe. 

Pair it with big black boots, and get ready to conquer the world. 

Winter Formal Party Wear Dresses 

  1. Long Line Cardigan 

Unlike usual cardigans, long cardigans don’t give off an old vibe. 

Unlike usual cardigans, this one looks way more stylish and modern, and if you haven’t tried one yet, it’s not too late. 

It will go well with tops and denim and you can also throw it over casual dresses. 

  1. Rib Knit Dress

Getting ready for an office party in winter? There is nothing better than a long rib-knit sweater paired with a winter jacket. 

You can check out some long jackets that will go well with this dress below.

Pair with heels for formal wear. Boots for casual. 

  1. Long Knitted Dress

When you search for winter dresses on Google or Pinterest, you will find this dress popping all over. 

Now you can buy this knitted dress at a price that is unbelievable. 

A big black boot is a must to pair it with this dress. 

  1. Cut Out Knit Dress

This finely knit dress by ZARA is definitely a head-turner. Walk into a room with this dress paired with a winter jacket and high heels and you will look stylish AF. 

  1. Knit Midi Dress

This V-neck winter dress is for you if you love baggy and oversized clothes. Preferred for skinny girls as it might make you look bigger. 

Can be paired with low boots and a handbag. 

  1. Knit Polo Dress

If you are looking for formal dresses for winter, then what’s better than a polo dress. The colour and design of this dress are selected for formal occasions and both flats and heels will complement this dress well. 

  1. Long Chiffon Dress

A long flared chiffon dress is perfect to pair with a cardigan and boots. If you are planning to attend a casual party in winter, then this is a killing combination. 

  1. Fitted Dress

This dress might not be the right choice for winter, but when paired with leather jackets and long puffed jackets, it’s a killer combination.

  1. Cut Out Dress

This side slit jersey dress is something similar to the dress above, that you can pair with your winter accessories. 

The slits make it sexy while full sleeves are designed for winters. 

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