Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Moms In India

Welcome, in this article, we have curated pregnancy gifts for first time moms in India. We would like to start this article by congratulating you on being pregnant for the first time, it’s a joy that’s unmatched.

As a writer of this article, I know what it means when this idea sinks in that you are going to be a parent. The joy of a little one coming will be life-changing, especially for moms. Even though the news of being a dad is very joyful, the feeling of growing a baby inside is something different, and very emotional. 

And while a mom is going through this journey, she should be celebrated by the people around her. 

So, if you are a husband or a friend, planning to gift something for a first time mom, you are in the right place. We have handpicked some of the most useful and practical gifts that you can buy online in India. 

List of pregnancy gifts for a new mom with the price to buy online in India:

S.No Products Price
1Spa In A Box ₹2,800
2Luxury Wellness Hamper₹3,680
3Stretch Mark Removal ₹1,224
4Complete Care – Gift Box ₹999
5Pregnancy Journal ₹1,461
6Pregnancy Books For Mom ₹260
9Pregnancy Pillow₹2,199
10A Trip ₹10,000
11Pregnancy Dresses₹3,000
12Pregnancy Gift Basket – Mama Earth₹1,182
13Dry Fruit – Gift Combo₹999
List of gifts for first time moms in India

13 Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Moms In India With Price

Luxury Gift Basket  For Expecting And New Mother

  1. Spa In A Box 

This is literally SPA in a box. If she is someone who loves a soothing and relaxing gift (who doesn’t) then she is gonna love this gift basket.

If she is a new mom, then I am sure she has gone through a lot lately, and there is nothing better than products to make her feel clean and beautiful, packed in a box. 

2. Luxury Wellness Hamper 

Another gift hamper for a new mom, that has all the luxury wellness products that you can imagine. 

All the products in this box are organic and ayurvedic, so no worries of exposing your skin to new chemicals and side effects. 

It includes:

  • Body Wash 
  • Body Butter 
  • Face Scrubs
  • Herbal Soaps 
  • Hair Cleanser
  • Scented Candles and more

Recovery Gifts For First Time Moms 

3. Stretch Mark Removal 

Most moms get stretch marks during pregnancy, and while she is already going through a lot, you can pick a problem and fix it like a pro. 

A very useful gift for a new mom.

4. Complete Care Gift Box For Moms

This hamper by Cipla is made for recovering mothers. While the mom will be busy with the newborn, it’s the responsibility of people around, to take care of her.

And this hamper has everything she will need while recovering. 

Gift To Give During Pregnancy

5. Pregnancy Journal 

Pregnancy time is definitely something you will want to remember for a long long time. It’s a roller coaster ride, filled with emotional ups and downs.

If you are the kind of person who likes to collect your thoughts and pen them down, so that you can look back at them, a pregnancy journal is a thoughtful gift.

Gifts For Pregnant Couple

6. Pregnancy Books To Gift 

There is tons of information that will help you along with your pregnancy, especially if you are expecting for the first time. 

Nowadays, you can learn almost everything on YouTube, but if you are the kind of person who learns best from reading, these books will be the best gift for a first time expecting mom. 

7. Tumbler 

This quirky tumbler is one of the best gifts you can buy as a friend for an expecting mother. It is very well reviewed and will be very useful after the pregnancy as well. 

You can give this gift to your pregnant sister.

Gifts For Pregnant Wife From Husband

8. Slipper 

It is one of the most useful gifts you can buy for her. Pregnancy can make all kinds of changes to her body, one of which is her feet getting swollen up. 

This cute slipper will keep her feet comfortable and happy. 

9. Pregnancy Pillow

Another gift that is extremely useful during pregnancy. Something a husband should give to his wife. 

In the later months of pregnancy, she will be advised to keep a pillow between her legs, and back. This pillow will come in handy, for support and comfort. 

10. A Trip 

If she is someone who loves traveling, then believe me, this is the best thing you can gift to a first time mom in India.

Her next year is going to be very busy, and it will mostly revolve around the newborn. So, give her the gift to pamper herself with a relaxing trip. 

11. Pregnancy Dresses 

12. Pregnancy Care Gift Basket

This mama earth gift set has been designed for the new mom’s comfort. It has everything she will need during and after the pregnancy. 

13. Dry Fruit Combo

A very useful gift for a pregnant girl. As she is expected to eat dry fruits daily, a roasted set of dry fruits is a very practical thing to give.