Wedding Gifts For Office Colleague In India

Wedding gifts hunting is such a daunting task. We sometimes feel clueless as to what to give the married couple that’s useful. Worry not! Here’s a compilation of thoughtful wedding gifts for an office colleague that could make their lives fancy and easier! 

It will be easy for you to pick the perfect gift if you know their likes and dislikes, as it can make a huge difference.

So, here goes the list of unique wedding gifts for an office colleague:

  1. Bar Unit

How happy would your colleague feel if a wedding gift included a bar unit that they could share with their better half for a relaxing evening? A little item mainly for storing lots of bottles, glasses, and an ice bucket! To add to that, some bar units are so cool that they can be rotated in any direction for convenience! Take a look at the useful wedding gift that suits their modern homes and make them happy!

This will also be an amazing gift for your friend. Check some more gifts for your friend here.

2. Wine Glass Set 

Clear and durable glasswares are such a blessing to wine lovers! If your colleague is into the winery and all things glassy, then be assured that they’re gonna love what you’re going to gift! 

Grab this scratch and heat resistant wine glass set right away!  

3. Bamboo Plant 

Lucky Bamboo is one of the most common indoor plants in India. As it is lives long and considered lucky to keep in the house, obviously, it will be a thoughtful wedding gift. If you are looking for wedding gifts under 500, then this will be our first suggestion.

4. Alexa

This is a smart gift for your tech-savvy wedding couple. From setting the mood with music, to entertain them with their queries, this will make an amazing wedding gift for the newlywed couple.

5. Coffee Maker

If your friend runs on caffeine, then this will be an easy pick. Help them to get loaded with caffeine in the morning as they get ready for the day. 

6. Cool Lamp

Good lighting can lift a room’s mood instantly. Be it laying back with a glass of wine in your hand or talking all about the wedding shenanigans, the newlyweds could use some “us” time with good lighting and a relaxed evening! Take a look at the designer cool lamp that is a perfect wedding gift! 

You can also change the color of the lamp with a tap.

7. Card Game

If there’s a subtle way to get to know about the bond the newlywed share, then the Adult card games are the best way to do so! Get some gossip going with conversations that make each other curious, fun, and awkward! 

A newly wed couple feels the need to hang out with each others’ friends and the new life. What better way to get to know everyone with a series of questions that make everyone spill their secrets! Take a look at the 250 prompt card set and get the games rolling. 

8. Wall Clock 

Get a touch of London to the newlywed colleague’s home! How about a wedding gift that gives vintage and some sherlock feels!  (If you and your colleague have had a conversation about sherlock holmes or about London, go with this, blindly! ) A modern new home with modern decor is a thoughtful wedding gift for a colleague. 

Check out this vintage wall clock! 

9. Alarm Clock Mat

A 5-minute extra sleep is something we all crave for. But it’s known that it makes us unhealthy and less proactive, right? You snooze, you lose, they say! Would you want your colleague to miss out on their newly married life? Not even a second! 

So, as their bachelor’s life is coming to an end, sleeping late is something they need to say goodbye to.

Check out the tech-savvy mat alarm clock that also gives a musical morning! 

10. Small Foosball Table

Games are a great way to spend quality time with your better half. It’s a fun and relaxing way to make evenings lighter. So how about a friendly wedding gift for your colleague that is both an indoor decor and easy to move! Buy and gift this fun game to the newlywed.

11. Gift Card

If you are not sure of what to buy as a wedding gift for your colleague, the best and simple way is to give them a gift card and make sure you write a customized personal wish for the newlywed couple. 

Give them a gift card, and they can buy anything they find useful for them.

12. Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus

This book has come closest to answer the secret of “happy married life”. A popular book that really explains the behaviors of men and women is something that is really thoughtful of you to gift for the couple! 

This book will definitely help them to understand each other better, by explaining “why men and women behave the way they do”.

13. Cool Antique 

Antiques add an aesthetic value to homes and are eco-friendly. If you know your colleague well, you would know their hobbies and interests. With them in your mind, gifting vintage and charming antiques for their wedding will surely make you a person who values them and their tastes! 

Also, these antiques will be treasured for years to come! Make your gift memorable with time. Collectables like art, pottery, home decor and accessories are a few good options to consider! 

14. Oven 

Okay, we know this is a typical and most common wedding gift that, but we have our reasons. 

If there’s a wedding gift for a colleague that is time-saving, convenient to cook, and make sure they eat healthy and less oily food, it has to be an oven! Be it baking, defrosting, or quick meal preps, this will be a savior. Gift an oven and you can be sure that your colleague just needs one touch to make popcorn and enjoy their evening with their newlywed! 

You can also share the price with your friends if this is going over the budget.

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