50th Birthday Gifts For Men

Before you jump to find some amazing 50th birthday gifts for men, we would like to wish your man the happiest 50th birthday. And a special number like this, demands a special birthday gift.

So after hours of research and survey, we have shortlisted gifts that are just right for the 50th birthday.

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Find below the gifts for 50th birthday that you can buy online in India.

  1. Recliner For 50th Birthday

Nothing screams “COMFORT” as a recliner. Just looking at it, you will know the feeling of sinking down in it. 

We have also shortlisted some other amazing chairs, from a Barcalounger to a zero gravity chair, each of these chairs is designed to make his life better.

  1. Caravan

Caravan has made it into all of our dad lists, and it’s for a reason. As it has all the tunes that a 50-year-old will love to dance on.

And it’s not just the music that makes it stand out, it’s the aesthetic of it. It will give you the touch and feel of an old transistor.

  1. Massager 

If your dad is someone who could enjoy a good body massage once in a while, then buy this amazing massager for him.

It will give him the feel of multiple hands squeezing the pain out of his body.

  1. BBQ

If the gift is for someone who loves nicely grilled chicken, then just provide him the right tool, and enjoy the deliciously grilled chicken, whenever you want.

  1. T-shirt

No matter what else you are buying for him, add this to your gift list. Make sure he wears this while cutting the cake.

Specially made for 50 year old men, this has to be your one of the gifts.

  1. Apron 

As a nice gift is something which is well thought, this apron will be a sweet gift for someone with a love for cooking. 

  1. Scotch Glass Set

If the gift is for someone who loves the “occasional” sip of scotch, then stop looking further, you have found the jackpot.

  1. Photobook

Want to do something special? Buy this photobook and fill it up with some of the most amazing pictures of him from his early days. 

This photobook is the best way to take him down memory lane. 

  1. Camera

Give him more than a gift, give him a passion.

Don’t worry if he is not the best photographer in the family, it’s never too late to catch a new skill.

You can also gift him a Guitar if he is feeling adventurous:)

We have bought and reviewed this camera, so you can take our word for its quality. Below is the actual image shot by us.

  1. Watch

This is the safest gift you can pick for someone. As a watch is one of the most popular gifts among men, you can buy this without giving this a second thought. (Don’t worry, you can always return it if he won’t like it)

Find below the collection of watches for a charming personality like his.

  1. Foot Massager

We are sure your old man has asked you to massage his feet many times while growing up. As every Indian parent loves getting their foot massage, this massager will bring them happiness no other device will.

  1. Workout Cycle

A nice gift for someone who likes sweating. This bicycle is the perfect home workout tool, to keep him in good shape. 

  1. Fitness Band

Keeping track of one’s health is very important, especially after the ’50s. This fitness band will ensure he is burning enough calories to be fit. 

Get him to wrap this modern and sleek fitness band around his wrist and hope he makes a good use of it.

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  1. Air Fryer

This is by far the most important thing you can gift to a 50-year-old guy. As our health can take a toll on us anytime, it’s very important to take good care of our health.

This air fryer will make sure you can eat all your favorite foods, but without worrying about too much oil in it.

  1. Kindle 

This device is a blessing for all the readers. And if he likes reading, then there is no better gift than a Kindle. 

It obviously comes with features that are futuristic. Sleek design and battery back up add to its many functionalities.  

  1. Bar Set

Well if he loves making drinks and delicious cocktails then this bar set will make his life much easier. 

Check out the tools that come with it, bring it home today, and enjoy your favorite drinks at your home.

  1. Parker

It’s not just a pen, it’s a piece of ART. Designed and packed to be gifted. 

An ideal gift for a 50-year-old gentleman.

  1. DIY Tool Kit

If he is planning to be more adventurous in his 50’s or already has a knack for DIY, then this gift will come in handy. 

Give him the right tools to follow his passion.

  1. Bookcase 

If he has a hobby of running to his books in his spare time and has a bunch of them in house. Then this small bookcase will be very useful to keep his books organized.

  1. Spectacle Holder

A small and funny gift for someone with glasses. This will also solve the problem of him losing his glasses every once in a while. 

Make sure his glasses are no more lying around, give it the respect it deserves.

  1. Poster & Paintings

Posters make a great gift if picked carefully. And if you know the man well enough, you will know which of these framed painting will fit right into his room. 

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